Courteney Cox interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel

Although Cox had called Stern’s show to promote “Cougar Town,” she ended up telling his listeners how she’s been celibate since she split from husband David Arquette.

She told Jimmy Kimmel “It was such a weird thing, because I’m so used to David doing Howard Stern.” Arquette’s a Stern show regular, but in October 2010 he infamously called into the show and admitted on-air that he’d cheated on Cox.

Cox’s appearance on the radio show provoked a hilarious reversal of roles for the separated couple.

“He would go on all the time,” said Cox “and always regret for talking so much. He couldn’t help it, and he was like ‘I hope you’re not going to be mad at me.’ … This is the first time that I actually called him and I was like ‘I hope you’re not gonna be mad at me.'”

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