David Abrams gets to "Meet Howard Stern"

He’s the winner of the“Meet Howard Stern” auction on EBay to benefit the Holly Heisman Memorial Fund.  Last Wednesday night, Abrams made the winning bid of $10,601 for the privilege of sitting in on a live broadcast of  The Howard Stern Show.

David Abrams is a 35-year-old video game website owner currently living in Tokyo with his wife and son.  Abrams, who says he’s been listening to Howard Stern for 20 years, says he literally won the auction in the final second:

“Like most experienced eBayers, I wanted to bid at the very end of the auction,” said Abrams. “When the auction got down to 3 minutes left, I started to get big time butterflies in my stomach because I really felt like I had a chance to win. The plan was to put my bid in with 15 seconds left, but I almost missed out altogether because I forgot to login ahead of time! I literally got my bid in with 1 second left.”

Abrams was planning to visit family in New York at the end of the month and hopes to cash in his “Meet Howard Stern” voucher then.  He couldn’t be more pleased about the chance to mingle with radio’s most notorious and beloved band of social misfits

“Howard is one of the greatest performers of all time and has provided me with an incredible amount of entertainment over most of my adult life.  The opportunity to see him and the gang in action is such an exciting and rare experience, I just want to take it all in.”

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