Artie Update, Debbie the Crazy Bird Lady and Sal And Richard at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Howard had Debbie the crazy bird lady on the phone. She was rambling on and on in the background off the phone. Howard said he gets a lot of letters from her. She was flipping out about something and it wasn’t clear why. Debbie was upset that she was on hold. She said she didn’t want to be on the air. She wanted to talk to Will off the air.

Debbie said her mother called into her show and she was threatening her. Howard said that she shouldn’t talk to her then. Debbie was screaming at Howard saying that this was all his fault. She said that he was the one who was wrong. Robin asked what he did. Debbie screamed at Robin. Howard asked if the landlord came and asked her to quiet down. Debbie was yelling at the top of her lungs about this stuff but it wasn’t clear what was going on.

Howard asked Debbie if she talks to her mother with that mouth. Debbie said she does and who the fuck cares. Howard tried to talk to her but she was just screaming over him. She told Howard that her mother physically abused her.

Ronnie came in and told her that he spoke to her mom. He said she said it was okay for her to come up there topless. Debbie just yelled over him and never stopped talking. She just went on and on arguing with him. Ronnie started yelling too.

Howard let Debbie ramble while Ronnie kept saying that she had to come down and get topless. Howard said he has no idea what they’re even talking about there. Robin said she mentioned that her mother made her rub her feet. Howard said he had to do that too. She said there was other abuse there too. Howard said he had to go and just hung up on her. She wouldn’t stop.

Sal And Richard At The St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Howard said he has other reasons to hate people. He said that the whole St. Patty’s day parade thing was out of hand. He said there were kids, of high school age, walking around drunk on the streets. He said it’s crazy what’s going on out there. He said he told Richard and Sal to go out and interview some of those kids.

Howard played some audio of Sal and Richard doing their thing out there. The kids were all drunk and yelling out racial slurs and things like that. They were asked what they think about people who thinks the parades are a waste. The kids would scream about how those people are pussies.

Howard said people were vomiting on the street and they’re young kids. He said it’s no wonder there’s so much alcoholism. He said everyone is wasted.

Howard said all of these kids are yelling when they talk and their voices are shot. JD said he left around Noon on Thursday and there was a kid passing out on a bench already. Howard said he thinks he has tape of that guy. He played more audio of these kids screaming and yelling about drinking and the parade.

Howard said this was pretty funny. He said he figures it’s what Lara Logan heard before the Egyptians attacked her. He played more of the audio and everyone was screaming the N-word and going off on Obama. There were a lot of guys yelling out ”fag” and the N-word in those clips.

Howard said that’s some group. He said they seem to be having a grand old time. Richard said there was one kid who had just gotten into a fight so his hand was bloody. He said it was scary as hell.

Howard played more audio and everyone was screaming about people who complain about the parade. They were very angry and screaming out ”white power!” and other crazy stuff like that. Howard said that he’s bringing Robin right into the heart of the parade.

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