Email from disappointed fan to us

F the SFN. It’s a horrid site, that barely works, with a bunch of no life having guys all sucking at the tit of an old man that clearly lives in a bubble now. Howard has completely made the transformation into Hampton’s Howie.

Stern used to be my favorite show, but now it truly is awful. I’m just glad I wasn’t dumb enough to pay for satellite radio and instead downloaded the episodes for free without commercials and put them on my iPod with no limitation as to where I can listen. No need for extra equipment. MP3 player plus my car, and home theater system which both have aux input jacks, or just headphones. All free and way better than paying and listening to Howie talk about the fucking Bachelor, American Idol, or Beth on an over-priced piece of shit “radio” that would break after six months.

SFN sucks, Mutt is a leech and a nobody, Joey Boots is a fat jobless fake-fag for cash. All of these nobodies need to be on suicide watch when old daddy money banks retires in two years.

4 thoughts on “Email from disappointed fan to us”

  1. Agreed!
    Stern stopped being relevant after his 1st year on Sirius.
    He is out of touch living in his “low-rent” Xanadu in the Hamptons’ where he admittedly does not listen to his own channels.
    Surrounded by his “yes-men” and answering only “pre-screened” calls about HowardTV or NSAL…I wonder why I still listen,too! Oh yeah…I stopped paying.That merger really made things better, didn’t it? Tired,sleazy,uninspired porn star Sybian rides,Richard & Sal’s gay antics,Shuli (the seasoned old veteran.)and Jason Kaplan.(why?)Welcome to the revolution!! Extra charges for internet radio, no Iphone app, shitty reception…wait those are Sirius problems. 4-day work weeks,10 weeks of vacation,lame parody songs fawning over a woman old enough to be my grand-mother,Gary’s lame bookings (just give Joan Rivers and Brooke Hogan permanent seats on the couch.)No more bits from Howard or Fred, the same 10 lame Sal&Richard calls coming back from every break,or any one of the AOR favorites from the 70’s that the “500 million dollar man” still doesn’t know the words to. Artie…if you listen you know. “Anything else Robin?” No, I think I’ve been had enough for now,gotta get ready for “Sports Week” or will it be the “Music of Stern?”

    Know more bull-shit.

    P.S. I also think the SFN is lame, consisting mainly of a group of Stern apologists’ or tired “wanna-be” wack-packers whose biggest claims to fame are:
    1.Shitting in buckets.
    3.Begging for $$

    good times…

    definitely need to know what your opinions on…anything are.

    X-TX Stern Fan

  2. you both are idiots, waaaahhhhhhh daddy wont pay attention… waaaahhhhh hamptons howie wahhhhh

    Yet you dbags keep listening(free or not)

    There is plenty of other things to listen to(free or not)

    so stfu and go beat it to the high pitch mike video you fags

  3. Stern went down the drain in 1999, upon the divorce.

    I stopped listening then, and never paid for that satellite garbage.

    As for his websites, there is free porn all over the internet,
    Stern featuring naked chics is no big deal.

    The culture has passed Stern by.

    He was no doubt making great money at CBS,
    but Sirius made him filthy rich.

    It’s funny how he got most of his money long after his prime,
    like a free agent baseball player who signs a big contract yet never lives up to past performance.


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