Eric The Midget ready to sue Gary Baba Booey

Howard said he had Eric on the line and said that he must be retarded. Howard said that he has figured it out because Eric called Gary up in the office yesterday and he was threatening him. He said Eric wants to sue Gary. He said he got an email from Robert Mills and another guy from the head of TNA Wrestling. Eric said he’s not the head of TNA. Howard said it’s obvious that they’re letters from fans and they’re not the real people.

Howard said Robert Mills would not write him a letter like that. Eric said it was from his email address. He said the email was real. Howard said he doesn’t think that it’s real but Eric thinks that they’re not going to hire Eric because of what Gary said about him being an ingrate on the Wrap Up Show.

Gary said both of the letters have almost the same wording and someone wrote the same exact letter from two different companies. Gary told him he’s a retard. Eric said he’s not fuckin’ retarded in any way, shape or form.

Howard said there’s no way these letters are real. He also told Eric he can’t sue Gary over having an opinion about him. Eric said it’s as fucked up as saying that someone is gay when they’re not. Gary said that’s a lot different.

The guys tried to explain to Eric that having an opinion about Eric isn’t something you can sue over. Gary asked Eric if he was being the character he plays on the air or is he being the little shit that he is. Eric said that he was being the character. Gary said he shouldn’t be worried then. Gary told Eric not to waste his money on a lawyer. Eric said that Johnny is going to help him out with that.

Howard read the letter he got from Robert Mills. In the letter the person said that they can’t hire Eric based on what they’ve heard Gary say about him. They were going to give him a shot at doing a voice of an elf on a show.

Howard read the other letter that Eric got and that one sounded almost exactly the same as the other one. Eric said they weren’t the same letter and they were for real. Howard said that it’s not this guy Jeremy Borash writing to him. Howard told him he’s retarded. Eric said he is not retarded. Gary said he isn’t retarded, he’s of low mental capacity.

Howard asked what 8×12 was. Eric said that he just woke up a half hour ago. Howard told him to do it in his head. Eric came up with some math and figured 8×11 was 88 and 12 more would be 66. Howard said that was wrong. Eric said it was 96.

Gary told Eric not to sue him because he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Eric told him to shut up. Howard took a call from a guy who told him to try roll call with him. Howard said he can’t try that.

Matt from the Superfan Trivia game said that he tried to get Eric as his friend on Myspace and he hasn’t accepted him yet. Matt said he’s a little twerp. Eric said he hasn’t turned anyone down lately so he wasn’t sure what he was talking about.

Howard asked Eric how many times he would have fucked his mattress if he did it 9 times a night for 7 nights in a row. Eric didn’t like the way that one was done. Eric said that 9×7 is 49 so that’s the answer. Howard asked if that was right. Eric said that was wrong. He said math was his strong point in school. Howard said maybe they should have kept him going.

Howard and Robin asked if he had the answer to 9×7 yet. Eric said it was 69. Howard said that was wrong again. Eric told them to wait. He figured it out and said that it was 61. He got it wrong again. Robin said that he wasn’t doing well. Eric asked how he got that wrong. Eric said he just woke up a half hour a go. Robin asked when the math kicks in. Gary said that he was alert enough to dial the phone and wait on hold. He must be up by now. Eric said that’s not that hard.

Howard said he didn’t have all day for this. He said he has people coming in. Eric said he didn’t know right now. Robin told him to give it another try. Eric was figuring it out and said that it was 66. The guys were all laughing at his answers. Howard said that 7×7 is 49, not 48. Eric kept saying it was 48. He came up with the answer of 63. They asked if that was his final answer. Gary said it took 7 minutes to get to that answer. Howard said that 7×7 is 49 so he got that wrong too.

Eric was using football to figure out his math. He said 7 touchdowns would be 48. Gary said that’s wrong. Eric said he added 7 more points to 48 and came up with that answer.

Gary said they have a bit coming up soon and he’d love to fly Eric in to ”Win Sal’s Money.” Howard said Sal and Eric are probably on the same level so it would be an even test. Gary said Eric could win $5,000. Eric wanted to do it over the phone. Howard said they can’t do it over the phone. He has to be in studio.

Howard said he knows that someone gave him the answers online for the math. Eric swears that they didn’t. Howard asked Eric how he came up with 63. He said he was adding 7 more to 56 after adding 7 to 49. Eric kept saying that 7×7 was 48. He did all of the math for the guys and it was all wrong. Gary said that if Eric showed that math on a paper then you’d have to mark it wrong or give him a half a point.

Howard asked Eric who was president during the Civil War. Eric said it was Abraham Lincoln. Howard said he could probably do well against Sal.

Gary asked Eric if he says that he’s not angry. Eric said he wasn’t saying that. Fred kept playing an edited clip of Eric saying ”I’m fuckin’ retarded.” Eric told him to stop. Fred said he wasn’t hitting any buttons.

Howard told Eric that this suing of Gary is just wrong and he shouldn’t waste his money. Eric said that Johnny is helping out with that.

Gary said that Sal was out there in the hall being asked about the Civil War and he wants to ask him some more questions. Howard told Eric to play against Sal to see how he’d do in the Win Sal’s Money.

Will came in and said that Sal thought Eric was wrong about the Lincoln answer. Will also said that Sal didn’t know there were actually two Presidents during the Civil War. Sal said that he knows that there was two Generals during the war. He said there was General Custer and General George Washington. He said there was a video game called General Custer’s Revenge on Atari so he knew about that one. He said he’s not sure about General Washington.

Howard asked Sal what his final answer was. Gary said they were looking up this ”Custer’s Revenge” game that Sal was talking about. Gary said the game was actually banned because women were being raped by the soldiers in the game. Sal said that’s why he had the game. He said that was the only one he played.

Howard asked Eric what the answer was for this question. Eric said Custer was part of the north army and he was killed after the war. Howard asked him who the presidents were. Eric said that he wasn’t able to remember who it was. Howard said this was ridiculous. Sal said he’s just not good at this. Howard said ”Really?”

Howard told Eric that he has to get his ass in there to play this game. Eric said that Washington wasn’t the President because he was long gone by the time of the Civil War. Howard said maybe it was General Petraeus. Sal had no idea who that was. Howard said he should know it because it’s in the paper every day.

Howard asked Sal some more questions and Sal had no idea what the answers were. Howard told Eric he could beat Sal no problem in this game. He said he has to get out there to play.

Howard tried to get Sal to answer who the president was but Sal was trying to figure it out and Artie said that it was actually exhausting hearing him try to figure it out.

Howard asked Sal some more history questions and Sal had everything wrong. They had him trying to figure out what the north and south were called. He said that the north were the Yankees and the south he wasn’t sure about. He said maybe it was General Lee who the leader of the south. He said that was the Dukes of Hazard.

Howard said he had to end this. Gary came in and said he wanted just 2 more seconds. Gary told Howard about the game that Sal used to play. It was Custer’s Revenge and it was all about having this General Custer go out and have sex with the Indian women in the game. The graphics were awful back then too so they looked like crap. Sal asked if he can study history prior to this game. Howard said of course he can. Sal thinks that he’ll surprise them with his answers. Howard said he’s sure he will. They had to go to break after that.

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