Fan wants to thank Howard

Howard said they had this guy there who wanted to come up there to thank them for something. The guy, John, had been outside for days waiting to get up there. He came in and said that he has a web site called John said that the morning is the most important thing of the day and Howard saved his life. He said he was engaged to a girl and she had a rough life and she committed suicide. He was in love with her and she was his soul mate. He said this happened 17 years ago.

John said that he’s had other issues in his life and Howard has helped him get through it all. He said that he got into another relationship and this woman ripped up the old pictures of the woman he was going to marry.

Howard asked if John got married. He said he did and that happened 4 years ago. Howard asked what he’s thanking him for. The guy said that he was thanking him for making him laugh. Howard said he appreciates that. He said he usually gets crap all the time. John told Howard that no one else makes him laugh like Howard odes.

Howard said that Ronnie told him that he was going to cry when he came in there. Ronnie said he was crying his eyes out down in the lobby. He said he fucked him and told him he was going to cry in there. Ronnie said he’s been down in the lobby crying for 3 days. Ronnie told him that it’s time for him to go.

John said that he wants Howard’s permission for the web site. He said he would like everyone in the studio to thank Howard and he wants to get celebrities to write their thank-yous too. Howard said this guy’s name was John and gave him a plug for his web site again. He let him go after that.

Howard said he heard stories about this guy crying down in the lobby and that’s why he had him up there. Howard said Ronnie was the guy who made the call. He said he should never listen to Ronnie. He said that he screwed up with this. He said Ronnie told him that John was balling out there and said he should have him in there.

Ronnie came in and said that guy was the one who fucked him. He said that he was balling out there but as soon as he got in there he stopped. Howard said that was more boring than Ronnie’s car show. He said that Ronnie can’t make a good call on anything. He said he didn’t know what he was talking about. He told Ronnie to leave his show alone. Howard said he should just stand in the hallway.

Mariann from Brooklyn called in and said that she still has a campaign going on where she’s trying to get people to write letters saying what Howard means to people. Howard hung up on her saying that he won’t let her up there either because this stuff is boring.

Howard said that this guy John was apparently out there balling since Thursday. Howard said that was Ronnie’s big move and if it had been a home run he would have been the producer on the show. Howard said it confirmed all of his fears though. Howard said it’s really not easy.

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