Gabourey Sidibe vs Howard Stern

Howard said he had to talk about Gabourey Sidibe. He said he has sparked a lot of controversy. Howard kept calling her Gabrielle so Robin had to correct him on her name. Howard said maybe he’s talking about a different person.

Howard said around the time of the Academy Awards people were pretending that this girl was going to be a part of show business. Howard said she’s an obese woman and she’s not going to have a big career. He said that everyone on the planet is writing about what a horrible person he is for saying that. He said they’re saying he’s disgusting and racist for saying that.

Robin said that it should be a wake up call for the girl. She said she’s upset that it’s become fodder for a debate.

Howard said this isn’t about him. He said he’s commenting about Hollywood. He said it’s got nothing to do with her. He said that she’s going to miss out on a lot in life if she doesn’t lose weight. Howard said it’s not worth it to stay big to get parts. He said that there is no major film where a morbidly obese woman who made it into show business and stayed there. Howard said he’s not the one to be blamed. He said he’s just pointing it out. He said that no one in Hollywood is going to cast an obese woman in a major movie.

Howard said he was thinking about Rikki Lake and how she was never in films again after that one she did as a fat girl. He said that Gwyneth Paltrow did a movie in a fat suit but that was just a fat suit.

Howard said he’s not sure why people are afraid to bring up a woman’s weight. He said that if she was white maybe they would bring it up. Howard said people think this is a racial issue and it’s not. He said it’s not white or black, it’s about being fat.

Howard said news people were asking where his Academy Award nominations were. Howard said that made him yell at his TV. He said he’s not an actor. He said he’s a radio guy and he’s received plenty of awards for what he does. He said he should have gotten an Oscar for his movie though. He said if he was just an actor he would be getting awards because that’s just how good he is.

Howard said there were a lot of people opening their yaps about him and he’s going to tell everyone what assholes they are. Howard said he will find out about these people.

Howard said it’s not about what he thinks. He said he hopes he’s wrong about her getting jobs but he really doesn’t feel that she’s going to get a lot of work. Howard said this is the most bizarre reaction to a comment he’s ever seen. He said he actually loves it because he’s getting a ton of press for this whole thing. Howard said he’s not even looking to hear about himself because he’s been trying to stay out of the paper.

Howard had JD come in to tell him what to play. JD came in laughing at Howard yelling about fat people. Howard asked when they last saw a morbidly obese woman in a movie. JD said that woman was in ”What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Howard asked when she was in another movie. JD said he looked it up and she hasn’t worked in like 5 years.

Howard said that Gabourey’s mother was saying that her daughter never would have gotten that role if she wasn’t as big as she is. Howard said that’s not the right way to look at things. He said that this country is trying to stop obesity but no one is trying to get this girl to lose weight. Howard said that he can’t be blamed for saying that she’s not going to work when there are no morbidly obese women working in movies. Robin said that Nell Carter did okay. Howard said that was a comedy she was in though. Robin said she’s also dead. Howard said it’s going to be hard for this girl to get work. He said that’s all he’s saying.

Howard said he’d like to know why people aren’t yelling at the directors out there who aren’t casting obese women in their movies as the leads.

Howard said there was someone who was saying positive things about what he said. He said there were other people saying she was fat too like Jamie Foxx. Howard said he was calling her Notorious Precious. Howard said Jamie works in Hollywood so he knows.

Howard played some audio of a woman, Susan Powder, talking about how fat is related to disease. She was saying that it was irresponsible for the NAACP to come out and say that this is racist. The woman said that Gabby’s weight is going to affect everything she does. She said that her weight is going to be a burden in her life. She was saying that Gabby is going to be judged microscopically. She said that she is morbidly obese and she has to stop denying it.

Robin said she’s telling her the truth. Howard said that no one else is going to do that. Robin said that the news people don’t get it and she’s going to have to stop watching because they don’t know what’s going on.

Howard played more of that audio clip and Susan was telling Gabby that she is going to be uncomfortable and she is diseased.

Gary came in and Howard asked where he got his tan. Gary said he was in Mexico. He said that he saw a coach for the Jets going to get surgery to lose weight because they were afraid he wasn’t going to be around if he didn’t. Howard said he finds it funny that he has become the focal point of all of this.

Howard played some audio from The View where they were talking about his comments about Gabourey. In that clip Elisabeth Hasselbeck was talking about his comments and she was saying that he’s a dad and she thinks that he’d be upset if someone was talking about his kids that way. Howard said if his daughter was obese he’d tell her he doesn’t want her to die and she should lose weight.

Howard played more of the audio and Elisabeth was saying that Robin should have been defending her. They talked about how confident Gabourey was when she was on the show. They were also saying that Oprah Winfrey has no problem with work even when she’s fat. Joy Behar pointed out that Oprah isn’t just an actress. Joy said that Howard was talking about getting roles in movies. The women on the show were all talking over one another. One of their guests was saying that she was going to end up killing herself. Howard said he never said that. He said he was saying that she would end up dying from being obese.

Howard played more of the audio and Whoopi was saying that if they want to see what kind of future she’s going to have you just have to see her in ”Precious.” Howard said that’s not what he’s talking about. He said he never said she was a bad actress. He said he was saying that she’s not going to get a lot of roles. Howard said she’s not going to make the kind of living that leading actors and actresses are going to get. Howard said that they all want to demonize him but it’s not his fault that Hollywood doesn’t hire fat people for lead roles.

Robin said she is worried about her weight. She’d like to see her lose weight so she can be healthy.

Howard played more of The View and Whoopi was pointing out that there have been fat guys in movies and no one was telling them to lose weight. Howard said they were comedies though. He said he’s not sure if Gabourey has a comedic side or not. He said that Whoopi is a fucking asshole too. Whoopi was saying that she’s going to get a lot of work. Howard said that’s right after all of this publicity she had from her other movie and she doesn’t know what her future is going to be.

Howard pointed out that Whoopi hasn’t been getting any lead actress roles either. He said she had to go to radio because of that. He said no one was looking for a leading role for her fat ass. Robin said that’s because she doesn’t look like the typical Hollywood model.

Howard played some more of The View and some guy was talking about American Idol and brought up Ruben Studdard. Elisabeth brought it back to Howard saying that he wasn’t an Idol. Howard said the guy’s career has dried up and he’d like them to explain why that was. He said he sees what kids buy musically and they appear to like thin people.

Howard said fat women get cast into comedies and things like that. Howard said they make movies with people in fat suits. He said they don’t hire fat people to play fat people yet no one is yelling about that.

Howard said the girls on The View don’t have the balls to tell Eddie Murphy that dressing up in a fat suit to play a fat person is wrong. Howard said that they don’t discuss anything ”real” on those shows.

Howard played more of the audio where they were talking about the fat people on American Idol who have made it into the final rounds. This guy on the show was saying that it was racist. Howard said it’s not racist. Howard said he’s seen people writing about him being racist and there was nothing racist in there. Howard said they were trying to lump him into the Imus category.

Howard said that fat women don’t get cast into leading roles. That’s all he was saying. He didn’t say anything racist but that’s what they’re trying to turn it into.

Howard played some audio from Foxx and Friends on Jamie Foxx’s channel. They were goofing on Howard for what he said about Gabourey. They brought up what Howard was saying and how wrong it was. They were goofing on Howard’s looks as they were complaining about Howard talking about Gabourey’s looks. Then Jamie Foxx shows up and calls her ”Notorious Precious” and they all change their tune like it’s fine to make fun of her. One guy called him a ”pelican bastard.”

Howard played more of the audio of them talking about him and said that no one is listening to them. Howard said they aren’t bringing any subscribers in over there. Howard said the whole reason they’re on the air is because of him. Howard said that they don’t have any right to call him a loser. Howard said that no one is listening to them and they’re wasting their money. Howard said no one even knows what their names are.

Howard said he was a big proponent of the movie ”Precious” and he has nothing against the Gabourey. He said that he’s not the one doing the hiring. He said that this ”pelican bastard” isn’t’ doing the hiring out there so he’s not the one to blame. He said he’s just pointing out that they don’t hire women like that in Hollywood and they’re making him out to be the bad one.

Howard had called Oprah a liar for saying that Gabourey was going to be a huge star. They talked about that on Foxx and Friends and they were flipping out that Howard had called Oprah a liar. Howard said she is a liar though and Oprah would never hire this girl to work in a movie. Howard said Oprah makes a big deal out if it when she loses weight herself. Howard said that no one that size has a big career in Hollywood and Oprah was lying to her.

Howard said Oprah is twice the size that she’s ever been but she doesn’t put herself on the cover of her magazine looking like that. Howard said they put pictures of her looking svelte. Howard asked why Oprah does that. He said she does it because it sells magazines and she knows it.

The guys on Foxx and Friends were talking about how Oprah could buy them out and fire Howard. Howard said Oprah bilked that company out of millions of dollars with her channel there. Howard said she doesn’t do anything there for them. Howard said that he could buy and sell them too and that doesn’t make his arguments any better.

Howard played more audio of the Foxx and Friends and they were making fun of Robin’s weight. They said that she’s ugly even after losing weight. One guy said that it didn’t change her fucking face even after she lost weight. They were also talking about the fat women who have worked in Hollywood but none of them are currently working. JD said he had cut the names out for time.

Howard said there have been fat women who have worked but they get a one shot deal. Howard said that there won’t be a longevity in her career. He said he’s not the one hiring though so he can’t be blamed. He said this is a dumb discussion. Robin said they have moved on to talk about how ugly she is but she’s not in movies.

The Foxx and Friends crew eventually said that Howard was making some points about her health. One guy asked who Howard was to talk about someone’s health though. Howard said she’s in the danger zone of health. One guy was talking about how Howard had a ”gecko built ass” so Howard wondered what that was supposed to mean. Howard said they all sound ignorant on that show. Howard said they all changed their tunes when Jamie Foxx came in. He said Jamie is the talent over there. He said that they’re just dopey and Jamie tells them all what to think.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he wanted to touch on that fat chick from Hairspray. Howard said that the girl was good in that movie but she never worked again. The guy said that she was in another movie but she lost like 100 pounds. Robin said she was cast to do another show but she got kicked off of that and was recast.

Howard said this whole thing is absurd. He played the audio of Jamie Foxx coming in during the Foxx and Friends show and talking about Gabourey being ”Notorious Precious.” They all laughed when he said that. Howard said it became hysterical to them all of a sudden. Jamie was goofing on her and some of the guys were acting like it was mean but they were all laughing. Jamie was doing an impression of Mo’Nique that was pretty funny.

Howard said it was laughable that they changed their tune like that. Howard said that guy is the talent over there. He said he’s not sure about the rest of them. Howard said that fat is funny all of a sudden. He said he hasn’t heard anything about it since then. Howard said everyone is a fake and a phony. He said he’s standing buy his statement that she won’t have a career.

Robin said she’s going to reach out to her and try to talk some sense to her. Howard said she’ll get hammered if she does that. Robin said that it can’t be fun being the subject of this debate. Howard said he’s not going to talk about it anymore. He said he’s going to drop it and never talk about it again. Howard said these guys are the ones who are perpetuating it by talking about it on their shows. Howard said that it was a 2 second conversation on his show and they’re all using it to bash him.

Howard played another show where they were talking about his comments. The reporter said that Howard calls himself ”the shock jock” but Howard stopped it and said that he has never called himself a shock jock. In the clip they were discussing how Howard was calling Gabourey a fat black chick. They played some audio from his show and said ”shame on him” for doing that. Robin said they wouldn’t even be anchors on the news if they looked like her. Howard said no news anchor on CBS is obese. These two are on CBS. Howard said that CBS, NBC and ABC don’t have any obese news anchors. Howard said that they’d get fired if they got fat. He said he’s the only one pointing this out.

Howard played more of the audio and they were saying that Gabourey has been cast in more roles. They also said that Howard didn’t say that he was worried about her health. Howard said that he was and that’s what he talked about that day.

Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said that this stuff has been going on since the day they left for vacation. She said that they were going off on him on The View and he should just say what’s on his mind. Howard said he always does that. Mariann said that Whoopi is an asshole. Mariann said that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was going off on him and he should just say what’s on his mind. Howard said he just spent an hour and a half on this so that’s what he has been doing. He hung up on Mariann after that.

Howard said he wasn’t going to play more of these clips because they’re all the same. Howard thanked Mariann for liberating him so he can talk about what’s on his mind.

Howard took another call from a guy who said that Elisabeth Hasselbeck seems to be consumed with him. Howard said he didn’t hear her saying anything bad about him. He said Whoopi seems to be interpreting what he says but she’s an idiot. Howard said she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He said she once said that what Roman Polanski had done wasn’t ”rape, rape” and that doesn’t make any sense. Howard said Whoopi doesn’t have anything bright to say. He said she’s dopey. Howard said Whoopi would be on that Comic Relief thing and she was never funny. He said she’d just stand there.

Howard sent Whoopi a couple of messages. He said that fat actresses in Hollywood don’t get leading roles. Howard said when a guy sticks his dick in a 13 year old, that’s rape. He said there is no such thing as ”rape, rape” like Whoopi thinks. Howard said that this isn’t about race or about him being mean. He said this is about Hollywood not hiring fat women to be the lead role. Howard said Whoopi should know that because she’s not cast in leading roles. Howard said Whoopi has to use her fucking brain for a change.

Gary came in and said that he was opening the mail and found an article by this woman who was all over Howard. She was calling Howard stupid for his comments. The woman was saying that Howard was being phony when he said he was worried bout her weight. Howard said that’s a bunch of horse shit. Howard said he had weight problems and he was told he was going to die if he didn’t get healthy. Howard said that these people say it’s bad to make fun of people’s looks but they make fun of his looks in the articles.

Gary read more of the article to Howard and Howard said that was the most ridiculous article he had heard. Howard said he knows that Hollywood is based on the way you look. He said that he wasn’t even able to enjoy his vacation with all of this stuff coming out.

Howard wondered why people don’t get upset about him saying that Rush Limbaugh is a fatso. He said he has called him fat a bunch of times but no one gets outraged. Howard said that he has called Rush the size of a planet but Whoopi didn’t come out to defend him. Howard told everyone to grow up. Howard said he has commented on Rush Limbaugh’s tail too but no one is defending that.

Howard said people can say he looks like a Pelican all they want. He said that’s actually nicer than what he actually looks like. Howard said he took some pictures with Beth the other day and they weren’t able to find one good picture with him in it. Howard said he knows he’s not a good looking man. He joked that he went out to find a sports modeling job and he wasn’t able to find it. Howard said everyone is a hypocrite phony out there. Howard said he can say whatever he wants and they can fire him if they want.

Howard said he hasn’t heard one valid argument yet. He got sidetracked and said that this Megan Kelly is the best looking news anchor he’s ever seen. Howard said she’s on FOX news. Howard said she’s gorgeous. Robin asked why he’s bringing her up. Howard said he’s bringing her up because she’s good looking and she’s smart. Howard said Megan was interviewing this Wiener guy and he loved hearing her talking about that. He said that their slogan should be ”FOX News. News you can whack off to.” He said she’s stunning looking. He said she’s bright, articulate and she’s got skill. The guys showed some pictures of her and Howard said she’s really good looking. Howard said she’s very intelligent too.

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