George Takei on working with Stern

Looking back on your entertainment career, who has provided the more outrageous working experience: William Shatner or Howard Stern?

Howard can be both outrageous and munificent. Going on speaking tours to colleges, on equality for the LGBT(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community is good and necessary, but it’s more or less speaking to the choir. When Howard gave me that invitation to become his “official announcer,” I accepted because I thought he would give me access to a whole different audience, that are decent and fair-minded, but don’t think about issues like equality for the LGBT community. He has an amazing reach and he gave me the opportunity to say to these people that we are all members of your families. We’re literally your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, we’re literally kin. We’re your flesh and blood, and that made a lot of people think.

After about three or four months on the “Howard Stern Show,” I started getting letters from people who identified themselves as straight, married, male, some Republicans, some Democrats, and they said I made sense and they would be supportive of LGBT equality. I was very touched by that and I owe that in large part to Howard. So, if it’s comparing Bill Shatner and Howard Stern, most definitely Howard Stern has been more outrageous, but he gave me the kind of opportunity that I never dreamed of. Bill has never given me that, only grief.

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  1. Kudos to GT. Not many on the hollywood side would come into and be so honest about their personal life. If anything else, you have to respect him for that. Looks like none of that has affected his professional life.

    It would be cool if more stars were honest like him.


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