George Takei Sniffed For Bedbugs + Halux Valgus

Howard asked where the dog was and what George had to do. Gary said they have a woman and a guy there who will bring the dog in. They will have George strip down and then they’ll have the dog sniff the clothing.
Howard had George go over to a corner to strip down. George didn’t seem to mind doing that. Richard Christy was prepared to get naked with George if he was uncomfortable. George said he was fine. Howard said he could see the bites all over George from the bedbugs. He said he loves George.

Howard had George put his clothes on the chair over there. George didn’t want to put them on the dirty floor. George said his feet aren’t very pretty because he had foot surgery that didn’t go well. He said his right foot is very deformed. He said about 30 years ago he was given a pair of running shoes and he had surgery after that and it didn’t work. Howard took a look and said it didn’t look that bad. Then he said it did look fucked up.

George said the running shoes he got were too small for him and he tried to wear them. He said he did a 10K run and that night he got the most horrific cramp and his muscle on the right side was cramped up. He had to be taken to the hospital and they put him in an iron rack that sent electrical currents through is muscles. He said they relaxed the muscles and his foot remained in that position so they had to do surgery. He said that opened up his foot and it went back after a 3 year period. Howard took another look and it was still messed up. Howard said that he had no idea. Howard asked about his belly too. George said he had intercerception when he was one or two. He said they had to do surgery on his belly too.

Howard asked George how his feet are both fucked up if it was just one foot that had the problem from th sneakers. George said ”I don’t know.” Howard asked if he can run now. George said that he can’t run. He said he walks.

Howard had Gary bring in the dog and the people who were there to help. They were from Quest Pest Control. The dog went over to the clothes and sniffed them. The woman, Christie, who was the owner of the dog told Howard what they’d be doing. She had the dog, a beagle, go over to the clothes and sniff them. The dog went through them and the owner told her what to do. The dog sniffed through his clothes and gave the all clear on the clothes.

Howard asked the guy, David, if George could bring the bedbugs in there any day. He said he could. He said that he could run his clothes through the dryer before he comes in and that might kill them. The woman said that the dog has a lot of hours of training.

Howard asked if this is an epidemic. David said that they’re actually resistant to DDT. Howard said he thinks that DDT would kill them. He told Robin to listen to him. He said he knows what he’s talking about.

Howard asked David what it costs to get into a business like this. David said the dogs are about $11,500. He said his dog is booked up all day long going around sniffing. He said a few years ago they were in the city like once a week. Now they’re there almost every day. Howard asked how they know that they’re legitimate. David told Howard about this certification they have and that’s how you know that they’re legitimate. He said the regulations haven’t caught up with the problem yet.

Howard asked if they could have the dog sniff George’s chair just in case. David said he’d do the whole studio. Howard had Christie have the dog sniff the chair. The dog went over and sniffed. She didn’t find anything there.

George asked David about how they had no problem in October and then came back in November and they had the bugs there. He asked how they could have gotten it. Howard said that George is in hotels all the time. George said they weren’t in one from the time they were in California to the time they got back. Howard said they can migrate too. David said they can migrate and they can be in other parts of the building. Howard said DDT is the answer but David had said that doesn’t work. Howard said it will work and they have to bring it back.

David said that if it wasn’t for DDT then they wouldn’t be there right now. He said that it does work for getting rid of malaria. George said that he heard that there were other people there in their building that are having bedbug treatments. Howard said that’s probably how they got them.

Howard thanked David and Christie for coming in with their dog Ellie. Howard wrapped up and gave them a plug for Quest Pest Control and you can find them at

Howard was still talking about George’s feet and how messed up they were. Howard said that’s not from bad sneakers. He said that can’t be from those sneakers. George said he got that cramp that night and after the surgery went bad he had problems with his feet. He said it was about 5 years after the surgery that the left foot went bad. Howard said they’re the most photogenic feet he’s ever seen. George took a look and said that he does look like an alien creature. George said he’d like to run again but he just can’t. Howard said he heard he has a spiked tail in his pants too. George said he tucks that under. He said he had to go to break a short time later.

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