Gilbert Gottfried banned from the Stern Show?

Wheels said he was almost crying laughing yesterday when Gilbert Gottfried was on the show. Howard said he loves that Groucho impression he does. Howard said he has a weird thing going on with Gilbert. He said when the guests leave the cameras follow them. Last time Gilbert was there he started spitting on the cupcakes they eat there. Howard said it was really disgusting and the staff looks forward to eating them. He said it was gross and not that funny. He said this time he left and there were no cupcakes. He just started spitting everywhere. He said he must really be angry with him on some level. He said it’s like spitting on him and very disrespectful. He said he didn’t spit on The View.

Gary said he saw what was going on and the spit was really gross. He said the spit had color in it. He said Tim was livid about it. They had to call a special cleaning crew to come in and clean it up. Howard said that’s horse shit. He said a woman had to come in and clean it up with special gloves. He said you have to feel some compassion for those people. He said it just wasn’t cool of him to do that.

4 thoughts on “Gilbert Gottfried banned from the Stern Show?”

  1. The hell, Gilbert? That’s disgusting! He’s one of my all time favorite guests on the show, but that’s not right or funny.

  2. That is nothing, it was entertaining, funny, gross and weird. The fans liked it, it was entertaining to watch. If Howard actually cared about that lady cleaning; he would have said sorry it was my dumb guest, I will clean it up. It’s all just talk to sound compassionate doesn’t mean you are. Why you really think he is going to therapy? Probably to figure out why he doesn’t have feelings of compassion; He has feelings of destruction, chaos and ambition.

  3. New AGT Agenda. Howards New PC profile will Not support the Great Gilbert Gottfried…also Stern is very YOUNG and alot of Gil’s bits are dated, perhaps Stern cant relate to these old classic performers anymore…memory loss. Gilbert is a G-D of Comedy…the Last Podcast of Norm MacDonald with Gilbert was Stellar. Shame on Howard for using that Cupcake incident (depriving his Diabetic Fat Disgusting crew from a their cakes) as a ruse for ousting Gottfried. Total BS. Sell Out AGT Stern. Sickening.


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