Wcqj.com new and improved.

Dedicated to keeping Howard Stern fans around the world informed about the latest Howard Stern show happenings.

This blog will serve as a home for Howard Stern fans, Howard tv, the stern show stream, and news.

Add a comment and let us know what you would like to see done here and we will have our team get to work.

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6 thoughts on “Wcqj.com new and improved.”

  1. We understand, we will be testing this kind of a website for a couple of weeks. We are ready to go back to our old system if this does not work out as we hope.

  2. Another trick to try is to click on one of the topics. that way it goes to a page with just taht topic. and still the stream

    I like to use the very first topic as it has no videos so less bandwidth i think

    I donno just my thoughts


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