Horse Racing Jockeys Jesus And Ramone

Howard said he had a couple of jockeys there. He said they’re like 5’3” tall. He said that’s a perfect size for a woman.

Howard had the guys come in and said that he’s got them there to give them some props. Howard asked the guys when they start doing this. One of the guys said that they start around 15. Robin asked why so many are from South America. The one guy said he’s not sure why so many are from South America.

Howard asked who the greatest jockey who ever lived was. The guy mentioned a couple of names. His name was Ramone. The other guy was Jesus. Howard said that Jesus won the Preakness.

Howard asked the guys if the hardest thing to do is stay thin. Ramone said it’s not so bad. Howard asked if they throw up before they ride. Jesus said he doesn’t do that.

Howard asked the guys what they eat. Ramone said he eats toast and coffee and that keeps him going all day. Robin asked where they race. Ramone said he races at Belmont Park. He said there are other places around and he can race every day if he wants.

Howard said he heard that Ramone is worth 5 million. Ramone said it’s not even close. Jesus said he’s not close either. Howard asked if they can become millionaires. Ramone said that there might be some. He said that some of the guys make a good living.

Howard asked Ramone how much they can make doing this. Ramone said they get a portion of the purse. Sometimes the purse can be a million and they can get 10 percent of 60 percent of the purse. He said they have to pay their agent and other people so they walk away with maybe half of that. Howard said this is bullshit. He said that’s a dangerous job.

Howard asked Ramone what he has to weigh to race. Ramone said he has to be around 115 pounds and he’s 5’6” tall. Ramone said that the weights are pre-determined so he has to get to the weight. Howard asked how long they can do this. Ramone said he’s 34 now and Jesus is 38. Howard asked if they’re socking away money so they can live when they get to be 50. Ramone said that’s the plan.

Howard found out both of them are married. He asked if there are racing groupies. Ramone laughed. He said he’s been married for 10 years. Jesus said that his wife is shorter than him. Howard said they should have women 6’1” tall.

Gary came in and asked if the horses know they won when they win a race. Ramone said he’s not sure. He said he has a hard time believing they know. Howard asked Gary what he’s talking about. Gary said that was KC’s question.

Howard asked if they have to be horse whisperers to do this job. Jesus said that they’re not. He said that the horse is able to feel you and they can get nervous if you get nervous. He said their job is to be relaxed. Howard asked when they start doing this kind of work. Jesus said his father was a trainer in Mexico. He said that he got him into it.

Ramone said he got on a horse and thought it was fun. Howard asked if he’s ever fallen off. Ramone said he has many times. Howard asked how fast they can go. They go up to 40 miles per hour. Howard said sometimes they clip each other too.

Howard said his dad goes to the track every day and the only time he won’t go is during the sweepstakes. He asked if the racing is dying off these days. Ramone said he doesn’t think so and he hopes not.

Howard asked if any mob guys have ever come to them and told them to throw a race. Ramone said he thinks those days are over. Howard said they should throw a race and bring that back. Ramone told Howard to make him a winner.

Howard asked Jesus and Ramone who would win if they raced each other. Ramone said hopefully he would. Jesus said ”good luck.” The guys said that they’re actually very good friends.

Howard asked if the guys ever see each other naked in the locker room. Ramone said of course they have. Howard asked who has the bigger penis. Ramone laughed. Howard said he always hated showering with other men because his penis is so small. Jesus said he doesn’t look so he doesn’t know. Howard said you’d think that he’d look down there after a big race.

Howard asked if the women are there at the stalls looking for jockeys. Ramone said that it’s not like that. Howard asked when they first got laid. He guessed 15 for Jesus. Jesus said he was 16. Howard asked if they’re like rock stars. Ramone said they’re really not.

Howard asked if they can get two girls in bed at the same time. Ramone said he guesses he could but he’s married just like Howard. Howard asked if he could do it before he got married. Ramone said he’s sure they could but he wasn’t saying he did.

Howard asked the guys what they’re up to because they’re in a calendar with their shirts off. Howard took a look at the calendar and asked who was on the cover. Ramone said that’s Gary Gomez. Howard asked whose crazy idea this was. Ramone said he’s not sure who it was but they’re trying to raise money for disabled jockeys. Howard said he thought they were pocketing the cash. He wished them luck with the calendar. He gave them a plug for that and said that they’ll be signing copies at Belmont Park on Saturday morning. Howard asked if they’re in the calendar. Ramone is but Jesus isn’t in there this year. Ramone said hopefully Jesus will be in it next year. Ramone said they’ll be selling them at Belmont Park on Saturday. They’re also available at Howard wished them luck with that.

Howard took a call from Irish John who asked if they get hit in the nuts racing. Howard asked if they wear a cup. Ramone said they kind of stand up so they don’t get hit in the balls. John asked if the vibration gives them an erection.

Howard had George Takei clips on the phone. He was speaking in Spanish in the clips. Howard asked if he had a question for the boys. They had George moaning and not really saying much of anything.

Howard asked the guys if they move their bowels before the race. Jesus said that if you can you do it because every bit counts. He said that some people take diuretics to pee before the races. Howard said this is a difficult life and he knows that. Ramone said it’s also a great life. He said he likes riding and that’s the great part. He said he would do it all over again if he had to.

Howard asked if the guys wanted to be taller when they were growing up. Jesus said he did take zinc hoping to get taller when he was growing up. He said it doesn’t bother him now. Howard asked if they get less respect being shorter. Jesus said he’s very happy being who he is. He said he does have to shop in the boys department though. Howard said they must be filled with envy when they see a 6’5” tall man like himself.

Howard had Little Lupe audio clips on the phone talking about how she likes anal and things like that. Howard wrapped up with them a short time later and went to break.

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