Howard Stern 3-Day Work Week Schedule Permanent

Howard Stern’s old rivals ‘Opie & Anthony’ are in the Sirius XM doghouse after releasing what they claim is the official HSS official vacation schedule which shows the King of All Media working only 6 days in July and 9 days in August.

Gregg “Opie” Hughes announced on Wednesday morning’s O&A broadcast that the SXM higher-ups had made it clear that the subject was off-limits from now on. The schedule, which was allegedly found in one of the Sirius XM offices, shows the Howard Stern Show broadcasting live for a total of 140 days in 2011.

Tuesday, Hughes told listeners:

“They really don’t like us talking about the fact that he’s only working 6 days in July and 9 days in August…They REALLY don’t want us talking about that…We might want to show you a schedule we came upon. But honestly we’re NOT supposed to talk about that. That’s not good for the company–the King working 6 days in July.”

Stern’s light summer schedule isn’t the only reason that the calendar is so controversial. HSS fans have been up in arms since Stern began an alternating 3 and 4 day weeks back in May 2011. O&A’s leaked schedule shows the King of All Media, who’s raking in an estimated $80 million per year at Sirius XM, switching to a 3-day per week schedule permanently.

9 thoughts on “Howard Stern 3-Day Work Week Schedule Permanent”

  1. “Thank you Stern for showing us how to do radio”
    “Thank you for teaching us how to diss the competition”

    I think they should have free speech but why spend time dealing with Stern’s show? They should concentrate on developing their own ideas instead. And as much as it pains them they will remain a cheap imitation until at least 2016 where they can chase the crown.

    • Ive never listened to their show but hear clips from time to time in which they seem to have a fixation with Howard. Both in his person and professional life.

  2. Howard deserves every vacation dates he wants….Sirius is killing the company by itself…once Howard goes Sirius goes too….Howard has entertained the fans for so long and been through it all ALL by himself He deserves a 3 days a week schedule and more.
    unfortunately we the fans will get less…but all good things always end anyways.
    PS i’m still a Sirius subscriber (mainly for 100-101) and 2 months ago I re-ordered Howard on demand (HTVOD) and canceled it ….whats with the lame shit on HTVOD?
    Hey Baba-flu-fly big teeth mofo… Gary you’re the producer then take a look at that product man…its not worth the $16.99 there is too much to point out on what’s wrong with HTVOD.
    or just get live feed from the show starting at 6 am till Howard ends the show then add all whats on Demand. but WE need a LIVE VIDEO FEED minimum

  3. Opie and Anthony are pussies! Opie was on the radio in WNY for a few years, I came about 3-inches from beating his ass during a Bills pre-game simulcast, but all his pussy buddies (6 of them) jumped on me. He’s a loud-mouth, no-talent, punk-ass, PUSSY!

  4. Howard complains and complains about how much Sirius XM is paying oprah and how little oprah is doing for Sirius XM… He doesn’t want people hear how he’s doing the same thing. He’s a hypocrite.

    How is he going to add subscribers to Sirius XM if he’s never there? No wonder they don’t want to pay him. He’s not doing anything for them anymore, and they know it.

  5. You guys give a pass for Sterns every little whim. Why not only work one day a week? You guys remember you actaully pay to listen to him on the radio? You pay for his many many many vacations.

    Sounds like the deal of the century.

  6. If this schedule is for real then I’m afraid it’s finally time for me to pack my bags and cancel my sirius/xm subscription. Three days a week permanately is not worth the cost. I was willing to hang around the the alternating 3 and 4 day schedule but not 3.

  7. Howard at this point in his career, deserves the three day a week schedule. He almost did not come back to Sirius at all, but decided to give the fans something in the way of a show, rather than nothing at all.
    People have to come to the realization that his career is winding down, before he finally retires. I have been a listener for almost 25 years, and don’t mind the new schedule at all. Honestly, who really can otherwise have a life when you are trying to catch every minute of his four to five hour show every day? Even with all the replays, it is easier to try to catch every minute of a three day a week show than a four day a week show. On his vacations, I love hearing the replays of classic old shows. Some of these I fondly remember, and others I never heard at all when they originally aired. Prior to Sirius, if your worked, and could not listen to his show while at work, it was impossible to catch every minute of his daily show.The old replays should also give people an appreciation of just how long he has been doing the show.

  8. Maybe he spending all the free time working on getting his girlfriend’s horse teeth fixed.

    It’s amazing how much the Sternheads will let their “god” get away with!! If he came over their homes and moved his bowels on their dining room table; they would have it bronzed and past it down as an heirloom. The rest of us with sanity will simply cancel our subscriptions.

    Enjoy your 3 days a week (6 days in July!!) of new programming – YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT!!! Suckers!!!!!

    Carlos H. Dragnub


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