Howard Stern boycotts ‘Midnight in Paris’ premiere

Howard Stern can stomach watching a transsexual with a botched vagina riding the sybian at 7:30 in the morning, but Woody Allen is just too much for him to stomach.

Stern had to work during Tuesday night’s NYC Cinema Society screening of Woody Allen’s new movie ‘Midnight in Paris,’ but says even if he’d been available his wife Beth Ostrosky would still have walked the red carpet solo.

The King of All Media says he questioned his wife’s decision to support Woody Allen in the wake of the 1993 scandal in which he was exposed for cheating on his wife Mia Farrow with her adopted daughter Soon Yi Previn.

“I said—‘You really gonna go? Isn’t that supporting Woody Allen?’ And she, lik, she thought about it and then she said ‘Well, I really just want to go see the movie and stuff’. But I said to her: ‘I wouldn’t support Woody Allen’s movie’. Like, I’d probably watch it at home cause I am a Woody Allen fan—of his work.”

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