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Howard came back and took a call from a guy who said he saw Beth on FOX and Friends this morning and she was talking about how they’re getting a cat. Howard said he didn’t know about that. Beth said that they’re getting one cat, possibly 2. Howard said he doesn’t think that it’s the right time for that. He said that if she wants cats that’s fine but he’d prefer that they didn’t. He said he has to go along with it. Beth said that he’s going to love them. Howard said he loves Beth and he’ll have to just let her do it. Beth said they can compromise and just get one. Howard said that he’d like to wait for a year to figure out if he’s going to be on radio then. He said they have the apartment being worked on too so there’s that as well.

Howard said that cats are easy to take care of but he doesn’t want to get involved in that. He said he will embrace the cat but if it doesn’t come he’ll be happy too. Howard said Beth has a right to get that cat so what is he supposed to do?

Howard said that the pet psychic told Beth that Bianca would welcome another pet in the house. Howard had Fred playing clips of a dog barking to let him know that she didn’t want the cat there.

Howard tried to talk to Beth but her headset was on backwards. She put them on right and said that she and Snoop were connecting when she got there. Howard said that he wanted to know what Beth could get on the open market. Gary was going to ask about that but Snoop had run off already.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he was watching the FOX and Friends thing and one of the guys gave another little dig at Howard. He said that the guy must have some kind of beef with Howard. Beth said that she was talking about Tinsel on the Christmas tree and how it’s bad for pets and the guy asked her if she doesn’t put it on ”because of Howard.” Beth said it didn’t make any sense and it was just dumb. She said she just kept going and said she didn’t know what he was talking about. The guy said he was just trying to be funny. Beth said she just moved on.

Beth said she was on that show talking about how to keep your pets safe during the holidays. She didn’t get to one of the tips which was keeping pets away from candles.

Mariann from Brooklyn called in and asked Beth how she could do this to Howard. She asked what she was thinking with this. Beth said that they’ve been talking about this for a couple of years now. Howard said he knows about the cats and that Beth wants to adopt a couple of them. Howard said there are two cats they haven’t been able to get adopted and Beth wants to do it. Howard said that they can’t separate the pets so they have to adopt both. Howard said he would accept them even though he doesn’t want pets now. Mariann said maybe they can ask people to adopt them today. Howard said he’s begging someone to please adopt these two so he doesn’t have to.

Howard said any cat that Beth holds he wants to be adopted. Mariann said that she used to adopt a lot of pets but she’s had to stop. She said that she had a friend who had some cats that they brought to the North Shore Animal League. Mariann started to yell that she loves him but Howard hung up on her.

High Pitch Eric called in and told Beth not to get the cat. His phone cut out in the middle of him telling Beth not to get the cats. Eric said that Howard plays too much chess and he takes care of Bianca. Howard said that made a lot of sense to him.

Another caller said that he has two cats and a puppy and the cats run around the house in the middle of the night. He said that the cats have a party in the house all the time. He said that’s going to keep Howard up and he’s going to be miserable. The guy said that the cats might shit on the floor too if they don’t like what’s in their litter pan. Robin said she loves her cats and she wouldn’t trade them in for the world. Howard said they have some nice furniture too and they could scratch it up. Robin said that they can be trained not to scratch stuff. Gary came in and asked how that is because his cats are scratching the shit out of his furniture.

Gary said that the cats do shit outside of their litter pan too. Beth said that the cats do not shit outside of their litter box. She said that’s not going to happen. The caller said that his cats will shit outside of their box if they don’t like that the other cat is in there.

Howard said that everything freaks him out but he will do this for his wife. Howard said he has had a cat before and he knows what it’s like. Gary said that they keep cat cookies in their bedroom to get the cats out of the bedroom. Gary said they used to climb on the blinds and make them shake at 3 in the morning. Beth said that these cats won’t be near the master bedroom at that time of night. She said that they’re two old cats and they’re not going to do that. She said they sleep all day long.

The caller said that his cats sleep all day long too and they run around in the middle of the night. Robin said that her cats never run around in the middle of the night. She said that her four cats have always lived with her. Howard said that’s not true, they live with someone else. Robin said they do now but she did live with four cats all the time and it wasn’t like that.

The caller asked if he could come up and meet Howard. Howard said he liked him and he was going to let him come up there to meet him.

Bobo called in and asked Beth if she would do her own talk show because she speaks better than Tyra Banks. Beth said that no one is better than Tyra. She’s not looking to do that.

Howard gave Beth some plugs for her book that she has coming out. She also has a TV show she’ll be on in May. She shot that this Summer.

Howard let Bobo go and goofed on him a little bit about his wig. Beth ended up getting a little upset that Howard wasn’t so thrilled about the cat. Howard said he wasn’t looking to upset her. He said that he doesn’t want the cats but he’ll accept it. Then she said that he said he wanted the cat. Howard said he does want the cat. He said she knew that he wasn’t that choked up about it. Beth said they’re not going to get it.

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