Howard Stern Fuck Room Baby (david letterman song)

Howard said they were talking about how good the song ”Love Shack” is yesterday. That led to them coming up with a song parody about David Letterman’s ”Fuck Room” over there at the Late Show. They came up with the song and made a song parody after the show yesterday. Howard said he loves Dave and hopes everyone keeps watching him instead of Jay Leno.
Howard played the song parody that they made after the show yesterday. It was to the tune of ”Love Shack” of course. Howard sang the Fred Schneider part and they had a woman singing the other parts of the song.

Howard said he wanted to get Fred Schneider to record it but he seems like a proper kind of guy so he may not have done it. Howard said he likes Dave so much he feels kind of weird singing it himself. He said it was a good parody though so he had to do it.

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