Howard Stern “has a plan”

With no news on his contract renewal status looming, Howard Stern did share with a caller this morning (11/30) that he “has a plan for the future of this company” and where he wants to take the show if he were to re-sign with Sirius XM after his contract expires on December 17.

Stern also stated that he had not shared his evolutionary plans with Sirius XM, but suggested that the rapidly evolving technology pertaining to radio over the next five years will change everything and “blow your mind.” Stern has asserted in recent weeks that he will continue to “work” and keep the show alive via one medium or another. Whether or not that becomes a subscriber-based streaming/podcast service via a web site or smartphone app, or as part of an emerging company such as Pandora remains to be seen. Sirius XM, with whom he has spent the last five years, recently passed the 20 million subscriber mark.

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