Howard Stern – Medicated Pete Dating Game video

Howard got to the Medicated Pete dating game. He said that they have Medicated Pete coming in to meet 3 girls who were already set up in the studio. Howard had Pete come in after that. He was looking down at the floor and not at the girls. Pete eventually looked at them and asked what was up. Howard said that Pete has Tourettes and he was having a hard time today.

First up was Dynah who said that she thinks that Pete is a cool guy and he looked good. Next up was Chris who said that he was a lot better looking in person and she has no problem with his Tourettes. They also had Lila there so she said a quick hello to him and told him he looked cute. She said she liked the fringe on his jeans.

Howard said he was going to go through the girls one at a time and started with Dynah. Howard described what she looked like and asked what size her boobs were. She said they were an A-cup but she said she has something there when she takes her shirt off. She’s in a wheelchair and she has really bad balance problems. She has a thing called fredrix ataxia. Howard asked how many people have that. She said it’s about 1 in 50,000 people who have it. She said that it’s a genetic thing and she was diagnosed with it at 19. She said that it is a progressive thing but she’s been doing okay for a while now. She said that it can lead to the person becoming dependant on someone else to help them out.

Howard asked Dynah if she was turned off by Pete’s story about dropping his load in his pants at Rick’s. She said she wasn’t bothered by that. She said she understands how that could happen. Howard asked if she’s excited about trying to help Pete get out of his shell. She said that it is kind of cool. Howard asked her when she last had sex. She said it was a few months ago when she went to a happy hour at a bar. Howard said she looks like she’s in shape. She said she’s a vegan so that helps.

Howard asked about meeting this guy at happy hour and how that all worked out. She said she and some other people were hanging out drinking and she drove him home that night. She said that they went to his place and she had to get up his stairs to get to the apartment. She said she had to bump herself up the stairs to get there. Pete said there’s something to that. He seemed to like that. Howard asked if Dynah can undress herself. She said she can do that. Howard asked her about the guy and what they were doing and Robin asked if Pete really wants to hear this. Howard said it doesn’t matter what Pete wants to hear. Howard asked if the guy was as handsome as Pete was. She said he was.

Howard asked Dynah about what went down with the guy and what kind of sex they were doing. Dynah said it was typical for the first time sex that people have. She said that she didn’t want to step out of her comfort zone.

As the conversation was going on Pete was making more and more noises. He was sniffing and making odd sounds as Howard was talking to Dynah. Pete asked Dynah what she thought about him so far. She said that she would like to learn more about him. She said that he seemed cool but she thinks that he might need to be coaxed out of his shell more. Howard said that he’s kind of out of his element but once he opens up he’ll be fine.

Pete asked Dynah what kind of music she likes. She said she likes Queen a lot. Pete said that works because he likes classic rock and U2 as well. Howard asked Dynah if she would be turned off if Pete asked her to pay for the date. She said it depends on the way the guy says it. Howard asked her if she can see herself sleeping with him. She said he seems like an awesome guy so maybe.

Howard asked Dynah if she’s looking for a boyfriend. He said Pete is looking for something long term. She said she can see that happening. Howard asked if she has guys bailing on her all the time. She said that she has had long term relationships that have lasted a couple of years. She said that guys do bail but that might be guys being guys.

Howard moved on to the next girl and spoke to Chris. Howard said he likes her hair because it’s long and flowing. Chris just got out of jail on July 3rd. Howard said she’s kind of heavy set. She said she put on a lot in jail. She said all they feed you is carbs. She said it’s horrible food and it has tons of carbs. Howard asked Pete if he likes women with some meat on her bones. Pete said he’s got no problem with it at all. He said it doesn’t bother him. Chris said that made her happy. Howard said that she may lose it. She said she definitely will. Howard said she’s also local to them. Dynah is from Philly so she’s a little further away. Pete is from Red Bank, New Jersey though so he’s not too far from Dynah either.

Howard said Chris served 8 months in Riker’s island for stealing money from her boss. She said that it was a little over $8,000. She said that she worked as an office manager for an engineering firm and she was in charge of the books. She had a big gambling problem and she was writing checks. She said that she was into cards and craps so she had some problems. Chris said she did a lot of online gambling and it was the worst. She said that she had the checks and she would write checks to herself and put them in her account. She said she started to pay it back but then got into debt and wasn’t able to pay it back. Pete didn’t seem to have a problem with what she did. Chris said she feels really bad about what she did and she wrote a 3 page letter to her boss apologizing for what she did.

Howard said that Chris served her time. She said that it’s hard to get a job now. She said that she’s done some freelance web design but she’s had some trouble finding a regular job. Howard said Chris doesn’t seem like the kind of person that would steal. she said she has learned her lesson and would never do that again. Howard asked if she had ever stolen before. She said that she hadn’t done anything like that. She said when she was younger she may have shop lifted. That was when she was much younger.

Howard asked Pete if he has ever stolen. Pete said he stole gum when he was a kid but that was about it. He asked Chris how it was in jail. She said that she had some issues with some of the girls. she said that they had a problem with her because she was white. She said that they just didn’t like that she was white and that was it. She said that most of the women weren’t white so she stood out. Robin asked what she had to do to cope with that. Chris said she had to keep to herself. She said she didn’t have to fight. She said she was pushed once but before it got any further an officer broke it up. Howard was doing a black accent and asking if she had to do that in jail. She said she didn’t have to do that and when she saw Pete doing an accent she said that he was very cute. Howard said it was like love happening there.

Howard asked Chris what she did for sex while she was there. She said she didn’t get horny there. She said there were some women having sex there though. She said that she didn’t do that but it was going on. She said those girls were hard core.

Howard asked when she last had sex. She said it’s been over a year. She said that she was liking Pete more and more as this was going on. Howard said he was the same way with Pete. He said that he grew on him.

Howard asked what a good date would be with Pete. she said she’d like a carriage ride and maybe a comedy show. She said that maybe they could go out for some drinks and see what happens from there. She said that she wouldn’t be wearing any negligee though. She said she has to loose like 100 pounds or so. Howard asked if she’s into anal. She said no to that. She said she likes oral. She said she likes giving better than receiving. Howard said that’s a great answer. Howard asked if her weight has something to do with that. She said she’s very clean but she was never really into that. She said some people think she’s crazy but she’s never been into getting oral.

Howard asked Dynah if she likes giving it. She said she likes getting it better than giving it but she’s okay with giving. Howard asked Chris if she swallows. She said she’d gag and vomit.

Howard let Pete ask Chris some questions. Pete said he didn’t know what to ask. He said he was all out of questions. She kept saying he was cute the whole time.

Howard said that Lila was up next. She’s a little person and she’s very cute according to Howard. Howard asked if she’s ever had a long term relationship. She said she had one from 18 to 26 and it was wonderful. She said that it was great but they drifted apart. She aid that she’ll love him forever. Howard said that Lila has a pretty face and she has some big breasts. She said that she’s 3’11” tall. Pete is 5’6” tall. Pete asked her how she feels about being with someone that tall. Lila said that’s how it’s supposed to be. She said that the guy should be taller and stronger.

Howard asked Lila if she’s been told she looks like Jenny McCarthy. She said she doesn’t get that much. She told Pete she thinks he’s sexy. She said that she last had a man before July. She said that on Sunday she had a big dinner with friends and there were 13 of them and she had a friend there that was her date for the evening. She said she had some vodka tonics and he gave her a birthday present at her place. she said that he’s a normal sized person and it had been a long time before that.

Howard asked Lila if she likes anal. She said that you have to trust the guy and she can’t do it with someone who is new. She said that she might trust Pete eventually. Howard asked her how she fell for Pete. She said she heard him on the air and said that he sounded like a nice guy and she emailed the show to ask to be a part of this.

Howard asked Pete if he had any questions for Lila. Pete said he didn’t think so. He was trying to think of something but he didn’t have much. Pete asked her what she’d like to do on a date. She said she likes music and they could go out and do some Karaoke. She said she’s also into Queen and went out as Freddy Mercury on Halloween.

Howard asked if sex is easy for her to do being a little person. She said it can be kind of tough but she said that it shouldn’t be that tough. Howard asked Pete if he had another question for her or was it just his Tourettes acting up. Pete said it was just a moment.

Howard asked Lila who she would pick between Chris and Dynah. She said she would pick Dynah only because she understands a little more about adversity. she said that she hates being referred to as ”so cute” when she’s a woman at 31. She said that she doesn’t think that’s cute saying that. She said that she’s seeing that from a different perspective. Chris said she thinks that Lila is beautiful. Pete said he was okay with the ”cute” references.

Howard asked Chris who she thinks that Pete should pick over Dynah and Lila. She said that she’d go with Lila. Howard asked Dynah who she thinks he should go with if it’s not her. She said that was tough. She said that they’re all good.

Howard said that they got to know them all and they were all very nice. Howard said that Pete can only pick one though. He told Pete he has to make the choice himself. Pete said this was very interesting. He said that he might need a pep talk. Howard said he was going to talk to him man to man. He has 3 girls there and they all have positives and negatives. Howard told Pete what he liked about Dynah and said that he liked her look and she was no bullshit artist. He said she’s going to be a lawyer. He said that Chris had some issues with the whole stealing thing. Howard said that she seems to be over that now though. Howard said that Lila has a great face, great hair and great boobs. Howard said they all have something to offer. Robin said that it depends on what Pete is feeling. Howard said he knows who he would go out with but he’s not going to say. He said that he wants Pete to make that decision on his own.

Howard asked the girls if they were all ready to go out with Pete and if anyone wanted to back out. They were all into him and ready to go. Howard said he wanted to make sure that he has a shot at romance. Howard said that they swear they’re into him and that doesn’t mean it’s going to lead to sex. Pete said he knows that.

Pete said he feels he has a connection with one of the girls already. Howard told him not to say it yet. He asked Pete if it’s a tall, large nosed man. He asked Fred what he thought about all of this. Fred said he can’t make a mistake with any of the three. He said they all have good qualities and it depends on what Pete is into. He said that he doesn’t think that Chris would keep him around if she lost her weight. She said that’s not true at all. She said she’d like to get to know Pete.

Howard said the one good thing about Dynah is that you get a great handicapped parking spot. Lila said she gets the same thing. She said she gets to go to the front of the line too. Howard said they think she has it tough and she really doesn’t. Chris isn’t allowed to vote.

Howard asked if the girls like to be spanked. Lila said she does. Dynah said she is if it’s the right moment. Chris was into it too. Howard asked if anyone is into gun play. He was just joking about that though.

Howard asked Robin what she thinks about this. Robin said it’s all up to Pete but like Fred said, he can’t go wrong with any of the 3. Artie said that it would be great if they could combine the 3 and have just one overweight midget in a wheelchair.

Howard asked Pete what he was thinking. Pete said with all due respect to all 3, he was going to pick Dynah. Howard said that was contestant number one in the wheelchair. Howard said that she just wheeled out of there. Dynah said that she was shocked. Pete said he felt he had a connection with her. He said that with the disability thing he feels that he can relate to her. Pete said that’s the way he’s going to put it.

Robin told Pete to say something to her. Pete said that he chose her because he can relate to her having a disability and that’s why he picked her. Howard said that Lila and Chris can bad mouth him now. Lila said she has a disability too and she’s looking to be have a relationship. She said that she hopes that it works out for him. Howard asked what was wrong with Chris. Pete said it was nothing at all. He said there was nothing wrong with her at all. Chris said she’s happy for him with his choice.

Howard said he had to say something about Dynah. He said that she is very sexy. Howard said that he has to calm down and told him not to blow it with her. Pete said he’s going to try. Howard told him to treat her like a princess.

Howard asked Pete if he’s already in love with her. Pete said ”yeah!” Howard asked if he feels love at first sight. Pete said she’s very attractive and he has that thing. Howard said that thing is a boner.

Howard said he wishes that he had a prize for the girls. He had a $711 prize that they could split. He gave that to the two who didn’t win.

Robin said that they looked very cute together. Pete was staring at Dynah and he said that was his Tourettes kicking in again. Howard asked if Pete should wheel her around. She said she might need help at times but most of the time she’s good to go herself. She said she doesn’t need him to push her all the time. She said she’ll ask him when she needs him to help.

Jeff the Drunk called in and said that he would have went with Lila. Howard asked Lila if Jeff could have her number. She said that he was a little too old for her. Howard asked Dynah if she goes for girls at all. She said she’s not into that.

another caller said that they must not like Pete. He said that they gave him a choice between a midget, a fatso and a cripple. He said he was just kidding about that but Howard said this guy would be happy with any of the three. Another caller said Pete made the right choice and told him to stick with her and he’d be rolling in dough when she becomes a lawyer.

The caller also pointed out that Pete was sniffling a lot with the Tourettes. Gary said that Pete and Dynah will be going to a Western place and they may be riding a mechanical bull. Pete said Dynah may have a problem with that. She said that she’d figure it out.

Howard said they have Billy Crystal coming in to talk to them. Howard said he’s in the green room waiting to come in. Howard wrapped up and went to break after that.

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