Howard Stern on Artie

At the 6:15 mark of todays show

Howard took a call from Pittsburgh Pete who said that he thinks Artie has fooled them again with this suicide thing because he thinks he’s just doing that to take time off. Howard said this is the real deal with Artie and it’s not the kind of thing that he’d do to take time off. Howard said this was a really serious thing and how he survived it was beyond him. Pete said if you really want to go then you’ll find a way to do it. Howard said he thinks that Artie really wanted to check out. Robin said that it was an accident that his mother had come by that day. She was the one who found him.

Pete asked if they think it’s accurate because of what? Howard said he really doesn’t know anymore than what’s in the newspaper. Howard said no one has contacted him about anything. He said he asked Gary how to contact Artie and no one seems to know how.

Pete asked Howard where this is going to lead. He asked Howard where he’s headed. Howard said he’s headed to the same place he’s always headed. He’s just doing radio. Howard said he does the show and whoever else shows up, shows up. He said that Artie has been through a terrible thing and to be that sad and depressed shows he’s at the bottom and in great despair. Howard said he sits next to the guy every day and he didn’t know he was that bad off. Howard said he was in great despair.

Howard said Artie may have needed time off. He said he knows that Artie has to get help and he’s been hesitant to do it. Howard said he hopes this is rock bottom for the guy. Pete said it’s worse than that, it’s whacko stuff. Howard said the guy is ill and he has everything to live for.

Howard said someone sent him a Johnny Cash version of ”Hurt” with video from the TV show with Artie in it. Howard said he watched it like 3 times this weekend. Howard said they show video of Artie and Dana from the Newlyweird Game and he’s smiling and happy and kissing Dana. Howard said they flash back and forth between Artie in recent weeks and it’s startling to see him deteriorate.

Howard said he woke up in the middle of the night a few times over the weekend and Beth thought it was the new cat. Howard said it was actually him thinking about what Artie did to himself and how it was too hard for him to comprehend. Howard said you don’t know someone’s demons and what’s going on inside of them.

Pete asked if anyone else has done anything like that before. Robin said she’s been in a bad place like that but she never followed through on it. Howard said he’s never been that sad that he would attempt something like that.

Howard said sometimes you’re so far gone that you just want a road out and not a road back to health. Howard said when you get to a certain point you might not feel like coming back. He said Artie may be forced to get help and he may not even want it.

Pete said that Artie takes life for granted. Howard said that’s a rational person speaking. Robin said that they don’t know what kind of pain Artie has been in. Pete said he’s been in pain too and so has everyone else. Howard said Artie just handles it differently.

Howard said he feels bad for Artie’s mother having to deal with this. He said it’s not something to be picked apart and dissected on the show. He told Pete that trying to analyze him is judging him. Robin told him he hasn’t walked in his shoes. Pete said he has walked in his shoes. He said Artie lost his father and a lot of people have lost their fathers. Howard said he’s not sure what Pete is saying but he has trouble going along with it.

Pete asked how much sympathy they’re supposed to have for the guy. Howard said he can’t tell people how to react to it. Robin told Pete he can have whatever reaction to him he wants. He said that he has spent time with Artie and a lot of things happened that he wouldn’t’ even talk about on the air. Howard let Pete go after that.

Yucko the Clown called in and said Pete doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He said there are a lot of people talking about Artie and they don’t know what Artie has done for so many people. Yucko said that he’s done a lot for him and no one knows what Artie is going through.

Howard said he was reading stuff about Artie on the web and saw that Perez Hilton was posting stuff about Artie being fired. Howard said that kind of stuff could set Artie off again and posting it without knowing the truth can be damaging. Howard said he always knew that this was probably going to end badly for Artie because he wasn’t getting any help. Howard said he has asked Artie if he’s going to see psychiatrists and stuff and he claimed that he was going but then it turned out to be not true when he said he was.

Yucko said that Artie has done so much for him. He said he did the show to help his parents out and he’s a good guy. Howard said he is a good hearted guy and they can only hope that he gets some help. Howard said the guy is talented and just a good guy. He said he feels for him and even more for his mother. Robin said you have to feel for all of them. She said that the whole family is in pain. She said she can’t imagine what it was like for him to feel that kind of pain to do that to himself. Howard said he cries when he has a paper cut so he can’t imagine that either.

Another caller said he’s a recovering heroin addict and that first year of trying to get off the stuff is the worst. He said he tried to kill himself too. He said in that first year he went through 5 years of psychology to get his mind straight. He said he can relate to where Artie is at.

King of All Blacks called in and said that it’s funny when people call in and say they’re in disbelief but then they don’t talk about what they have done for Artie. King said that he doesn’t get why someone who has so much could do something like that. Howard said he doesn’t know what Artie has going on in his mind. He said he’s different than King. King said he doesn’t think he is.

Howard said he knew a family that lost a son when he stabbed himself right through the heart in front of the family. He said there is anger in all of that and there may have been a lot of anger with Artie. Robin said she used to threaten to hang herself in front of her mother. Howard said that might be the height of narcissism to do something like that. Robin said she thought about it and it wouldn’t hurt her family enough so she didn’t do it.

King asked Howard if he wants to live. Howard said he wants to live as long as he can. He said that’s why he eats right and works out. He said he knows people who are his age and look terrible. He wants to feel good and look the best he can. He said he wakes up in the day and looks forward to a lot of stuff. He said he enjoys a lot of stuff so he gets up and looks forward to starting another day.

Howard said he likes waking up in the morning and reading about Conan O’Brien losing his show. Robin said she likes getting up and reading about Harry Reid saying that racist comment he made about President Obama. Reid apparently said that he never would have gotten elected because he didn’t talk street and wasn’t dark skinned. Howard said he didn’t think it was all that outrageous to say. He said that Obama speaks like an intelligent man, that’s why he got elected.

Howard said that if you walk into a room and you think about everyone’s race then you might be racist. Robin said that you categorize them by their race when you’re racist. King said that when he sees dark skinned black guys he feels nervous. He said he’s more nervous with dark skin than light skin. Howard said he gets nervous with a lot of people walking on the street. He said he’s neurotic though.

Howard and Robin were talking about some of the other names that were being thrown around. Howard said that they were arguing about this whole ”Negro” thing and how that’s causing an uproar. Howard said that Malcolm X came in and said that they had to stop using that name. Robin said that the whole ”African” American thing doesn’t work because they’re not African. She said that she was born there and she’s not African. Robin said she likes ”black” and that’s that.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he’s so sorry about Artie. He said he’s really sick of King of all Chocolate People. He said that he’s always asking ”Howard, what do you think?” King said he doesn’t do that for himself. He said he knows what Howard thinks, he’s just asking for everyone else.

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