Howard Stern on Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal “Its a Smear Job”

Herman Cain‘s ongoing sexual harassment scandal may have won him a number of detractors, but at least one prominent voice on talk radio (besides Rush Limbaugh) is buying his side of the story: Howard Stern. Stern took some time on his program to praise Cain’s rendition of “Imagine There’s No Pizza” and, when asked by co-host Robin Quivers what he thought of the accusations, said decidedly, “I think it’s a smear job.”

Stern played a clip of the now-famous performance of John Lennon‘s “Imagine” that turned the song into a pizza anthem, as Cain performed it with the help of a gospel choir. Stern sounded impressed with Cain’s dedication, stating, “that’s a guy who gets into his job.” Since Cain came up in conversation, Quivers asked him to evaluate the sexual harassment scandal, to which he gave a simple, direct response: “I think it’s a smear job.” Quivers replied that such smear jobs were common in politics, and that it happens to everyone, but that didn’t seem to convince Stern that the story was more legitimate than he had thought it before.

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