Howard Stern thinks Sarah Palin has breast implants

“Someone sent me photographic evidence and I believe it,” said Howard Stern Wednesday morning. “Unless the photos were doctored, it is apparent that Sarah Palin has gotten t–ty implants…I’m in on every breast enhancement controversy and yes I am in the camp that, based on the photos I’ve seen, Sarah Palin has definitely got t–ty implants which is so funny, cause like, you know, she wants to be [taken seriously]. Her cups runneth over for sure. Like she’s just, major, two sizes bigger. ”

Howard Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers, who boasts a whopping 36G size chest courtesy of mother nature, begged the question: “Do we need a President with breast implants?”

“You wanna know what?” replied Stern, who has given away breast implant procedures as prizes to many a flat-chested fan. That would just be weird. I know politics is show business but,…She definitely–I mean–ulness these pictures are doctored, her tits are twice the size. And it’s hot. She looks good. I mean, she’s physically very hot.”

1 thought on “Howard Stern thinks Sarah Palin has breast implants”

  1. wow. what a waste of ca$h. the ignorant cunt really should have gotten a BRAIN IMPLANT!

    Q: How does Sarah Palin know her MOUTH from her PUSSY?

    A: Only ONE RETARDED THING has come out of her PUSSY…
    her MOUTH on the other hand….


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