Howard Stern top 10 of 2009

#10: Reggie Jackson interview: Baseball legend Reggie Jackson gave Howard Stern a down and dirty interviewed that revealed Jackson’s Viagra usage and his penchant for masturbation.

#9: ‘You’ve been Richard Christy’ed’: The perpetually filthy Richard Christy announced to the Howard Stern Show community that he was suffering from a disgusting skin infection known as ‘MRSA’. After freaking out the germaphobic Howard, Richard burst into the studio, announced his skin infection was a fake he created with stage make-up and proclaimed ‘You’ve been Richard Christy’ed!’ The ensuing lambasting he received from Howard was epic.

#8: Hugh Jackman interview: The ‘X-Men: Wolverine’ star talked openly about rumors that he’s gay and dished the dirt about what goes on at Oprah Winfrey’s dinner parties.

#7: Gary’s barstools: Gary ‘Baba Booey’ Dell’Abate spent a small fortune on some very uncomfortable marble-topped barstools in his home theater. What might have been overlooked as nothing more than an odd interior decorating choice turned into an epic roasting and insult-fest which brought the tormented Booey with in an inch of his sanity.

#6: Paul McCartney interview: Howard Stern’s interview with Paul McCartney brought inside details on the coolest living Beatles’ single life, rumors about John Lennon and commentary of Ringo’s ‘Peace and Love’ announcement that he wasn’t doing any more autographs.

#5: Robin Quivers orders $800 bottles of wine: Back in January, Howard Stern made the grave mistake of allowing resident wine snob Robin Quivers order wine for the table when they were out to dinner one night. Robin ordered 3 bottles of ‘special wine for a special occasion’ that cost $800 a pop. Howard’s on-air roasting of Robin’s wino-spending-spree provoked Quivers into hissing: “Don’t ever take me to dinner again!”

#4: Ron Howard interview: When Director Ron Howard stopped by the Howard Stern Show to promote ‘Angels & Demons’ back in May, the cast loved the inside scoop the former child star dished out on working with Hollywood’s biggest movie stars and seeing his daughter act naked on stage. Best of all though, when Howard Stern showed Ron Howard a clip of Baba Booey throwing out the first pitch at the Mets’ game, Ron Howard stated unapologetically: “He throws like a girl.”

#3: Robin scores off the charts on ‘Narcissism Test’: When Dr. Drew Pinsky gave members of the Howard Stern Show cast a ‘narcissism test,’ everyone suspected that the King of All Media himself would score higher than average–and he did. Howard Stern scored an 18 on Dr. Drew’s ‘narcissism scale,’ while most celebrities average a score of about 15. What no one anticipated was that Dr. Drew would report that Howard Stern Show news mistress Robin Quivers would score a 34–a score that Pinsky quantified as ‘off the charts’ and the highest score in the history of the test.

#2: Denise Richards interview: Howard Stern used to rip on the gorgeous actress-turned-reality star, until she showed up in the studio this June and told him everything he wanted to know about her messy divorce with Charlie Sheen, what Richie Sambora’s like in bed and her own history of making sex tapes. What gave the Denise Richards interview the edge over other superstar interviews this past year? Maybe the fact that she didn’t bat an eyelash when she was asked to talk about oral sex by Wack Packer ‘Jeff the Drunk’.

And the Number One greatest moment of the Howard Stern Show for 2009:

#1: Gary’s First Pitch:  Howard Stern Show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate threw out the first pitch at the Mets’ game back in May, an honor that he prepped for both physically and psychologically for weeks. Booey even had a chat with a sports psychologist who tried to coach him through his performance anxiety. The pitch that resulted from Gary’s blood, sweat and tears was the most flimsily flung pitch in MLB history. A representative for Major League Baseball announced on Twitter this year that Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate’s first pitch had officially garnered the honor of ‘Worst First Pitch in MLB History’ behind embarrassing performances by Mariah Carey, Serena Williams and the Mayor of Cincinnati. Booey’s pitch has continued to make the blooper reels of sportscasters across the nation.

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