Howard Stern's Birthday

Howard started the show talking about his birthday since it was today. Robin said it’s a special day. Howard said all of America celebrates his birthday. He said he tells Beth about the old days when they’d have big extravaganzas at places like Tavern on the Green.

That led to them talking about how they’re closing Tavern on the Green because apparently only the old guy who died could run it. Howard said they used to be like the highest grossing restaurant in the world. Howard said they used to have crappy food but the ambiance was great. He said it was a tourist trap. He said once you ate there you realized the food wasn’t so great. He said the guy ran it for years and made tons of money from it. Then he died and his daughter took over and now they’re going out of business.

Howard said it doesn’t say much for the kids taking over a business. Howard said the girl was only like 22 years old though. He said he can’t blame her. He said the city owns the place and they have to lease it from them. Howard said some other dude bought it and his money went away and the whole thing is closed up. Robin said they’re selling off pieces of it.

Howard said there would still be jobs if the old guy hadn’t died. He said business is weird because there are only some people who know how to run a business. They go away and the business is done.

Howard said he got an email from Tom Chiusano saying that he bets he won’t miss the cake he used to roll in there at the end of the show. Howard said he used to get that cake at the end of the show and all he wanted to do was get out of there. He said he’d wonder ”why me?”

Howard said he’s 56 years old. He said he never thought he’d see the day. Something is going crazy. Robin said she never thought she’d be around long enough to see the end of the century. Howard said things are good for him. He said he has a nice wife, kids, cat and dog. He said he has a lot to be thankful for like the fact that his wife isn’t 56. He said he was just kidding but Robin said ”sure you are.”

Howard said Robin looks good for 57. He told her to imagine living together and working together if they were married. He said they blew it. He said it’s very silly that he hasn’t entered her yet. Robin said they’re not too old yet.

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