Howard Talks To Artie post suicide attempt

Howard said he finally spoke to Artie. He said it wasn’t easy to get through to him but he finally got him on the phone. Howard said it wasn’t an easy conversation. He said he told Artie he was going to sit and tell him all of his troubles and Artie kind of chuckled at that. He said Artie did sound down.

Howard said he tried to talk to the guy but you end up not talking about what happened and there’s a big question mark in the room. Howard said he wanted to ask Artie what he did and why but you just can’t do that. Howard said you don’t know what to say.

Gary and Fred went to visit Artie and they didn’t know what to say to him. Gary said he told Artie to let them know if they were bothering him. Gary said Artie said it was fine so they stayed and talked for a while. Howard said he and Artie ran out of things to say after like 3 seconds. He said Artie didn’t seem to want to visit with him so he’s not going to do that.

Howard said he’s not sure what Artie is on or what the doctors are doing for him. He said it sucks and he felt awful after talking to him. Robin said that she felt the same way and she wonders what she could have said that could have made a difference.

Howard said he just told Artie that everyone is pulling for him and he’s hoping that he’s getting the help he needs. He was whipping out every cliché he could think of.

Gary said that it was difficult to talk to him in person and he can’t imagine doing that on the phone. He said there were times that Artie didn’t say anything. Howard said Artie was saying that his phone situation is weird and he’s really not in the mood to talk right now. Gary said he got that too.

Howard said he asked Artie if there were any hot chicks at that place he’s at. He said Artie just grunted. Gary said Artie isn’t up for being social right now and he and Fred weren’t sure when they should leave. Artie kind of hugged them and pushed them out of the room when he thanked them for coming.

Howard wondered if Artie even wants to be around. He tried to kill himself and now he has people visiting him. Gary said he knows Colin went to visit him and that made him a little happier. Robin said Colin was there the day she visited. Howard said he needs someone to go along with him too so maybe Colin will come. He said he could do a special broadcast with him.

Howard said most of his time with Artie is on the air and off the air it’s kind of awkward. He said they don’t really sit and talk about anything. He said Artie has been to his house but they don’t have a lot to talk about. He said he thinks this is his fault that they don’t have much to talk about.

Gary said it’s not Howard’s fault not having much to talk about. He said Artie isn’t much into hanging out. He’s kind of introverted. He said you get the feeling that he’d be the life of the party but that’s really not him. Howard said he’s the same way. He’s not the life of the party in real life.

Gary said it’s weird how people have this perception of you that’s just not true. He said his neighbor told him that he kept expecting Howard to drive up in a limo with a bunch of strippers in it.

The caller said that people want to say that what Artie tried to do is a cop out or the easy way out but it’s really not. He said that he wants to wish Artie luck with everything. He got off the line a short time later.

Howard said it sounds like Artie really wanted to go. Fred said it sounded that way to him too. Robins said there was no question about that.

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