“I believed him” to be clean and sober

Howard Stern made revealing statements Wednesday morning about his relationship with co-host Artie Lange and why he trusted the heroin-addicted comedian’s claims that he was clean and sober in the months before his violent suicide attempt.

“Did it seem to you that she was on any drugs?” Quivers asked Stern regarding Jameson’s most recent in-studio Howard Stern Show appearance.

“How would I know Robin?” sighed Stern. “No. She seemed coherent. Then again you’re talking to a guy who said Artie was clean and sober. I believed him. Don’t go by me. I’m not good at picking out anyone who’s high. That has been proven. I am just not keyed into that.”

2 thoughts on ““I believed him” to be clean and sober”

  1. It’s no great loss, the show sucks now without Artie anyway. Fuck you Howard, not everyone has a much money to throw around as you do. Prick.


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