IQ Test Results

Click the link to see the results (spoiler)

Todays Results

Bobo – 87 IQ
Eric the Actor – 90 IQ
Steve Grillo – 99 IQ
Will the Farter – 100 IQ
Mike Gange – 110 IQ
Jon Hein – 121 IQ
Will Murray – 130 IQ

Results from the first round of testing

Wendy the Retard – 61 IQ
High Pitch Eric – 66 IQ
Jeff the Drunk – 89 IQ
Sal Governale – 102 IQ
JD Harmeyer – 106 IQ
Ralph Cirella – 112 IQ
Richard Christy – 117 IQ
Jason Kaplan – 118 IQ
Gary Dell’Abate – 121 IQ
Scott DePace – 122 IQ

2 thoughts on “IQ Test Results”

  1. I did, he is a smart dude, and he doesnt do all that weird shit that sal and richard get into, i think jon hein would have done alot better but just messed up on some parts, and whats up with sal getting higher than bobo? i think bobo has more common sense and will always be smarter than sal regardless of the testing results.

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