IQ Test Results

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Todays Results

Bobo – 87 IQ
Eric the Actor – 90 IQ
Steve Grillo – 99 IQ
Will the Farter – 100 IQ
Mike Gange – 110 IQ
Jon Hein – 121 IQ
Will Murray – 130 IQ

Results from the first round of testing

Wendy the Retard – 61 IQ
High Pitch Eric – 66 IQ
Jeff the Drunk – 89 IQ
Sal Governale – 102 IQ
JD Harmeyer – 106 IQ
Ralph Cirella – 112 IQ
Richard Christy – 117 IQ
Jason Kaplan – 118 IQ
Gary Dell’Abate – 121 IQ
Scott DePace – 122 IQ

5 thoughts on “IQ Test Results”

  1. I did, he is a smart dude, and he doesnt do all that weird shit that sal and richard get into, i think jon hein would have done alot better but just messed up on some parts, and whats up with sal getting higher than bobo? i think bobo has more common sense and will always be smarter than sal regardless of the testing results.

  2. Howard Stern isnt a dummy. He graduated magnu cum laude. Look at the fortune he has amassed with his radio shows. Look at the talent he has for interviewing guests. He has a talent for making people comfortable and feel important. What is sad that he has had to undergo psycho-therapy in order to find out who he is and find self esteem, self worth, self confidence and will admit this has helped him. I never liked him before, he was nothing but a filthy-mouthed jerk IMHO and yet I knew there were brains inside his head. Well done, HS, for seeing the need for help and working through your problems. There are many people who need help, and wont admit it or need help and dont have the insurance or money to see a therapist. I’d say he has a very high IQ.


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