Janice Dickinson (Howard Tv)

Howard said that Janice Dickinson was coming in but she didn’t really have anything to promote. Howard said she was on ”I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” not too long ago.

Janice came in and said that she hadn’t seen Howard since he got married. She said that she told him to marry that gorgeous girl and he laughed at her. Howard said he has changed. Janice said that they have all changed.

Howard asked Janice if people have to be crazy to go on a reality show. She said you absolutely have to be. Janice brought up the Erica Badu video where she stripped down naked. Howard said they actually pulled the video because another couple had done the exact same thing. He said that they pulled it down because of copyright issues.

Howard asked Janice where she grew up. She said she grew up in Hollywood, Florida. Howard said that Janice is the original ”Supermodel.” Janice said there are a lot of women taking credit for that but she is the real thing. Janice said she’s the one who coined the term. She said she started out modeling at 13. She said boys didn’t come after her because she was sex crazed and a Tom boy.

Howard asked Janice if she banged a lot of guys. She said she did. She didn’t lose her virginity until she was 16 though. She said that was in the mid 70s though. Howard said it sounds like she wasn’t very discriminating. Janice said she wasn’t. She would just drop trau like Erica Badu.

Howard said Janice was having sex with women back then and that wasn’t that accepted back then. Janice said that sex is good and it was kind of accepted back then.

Howard said that Janice had sex with Sylvester Stallone and he had spoken to him about her one time. He asked if she heard what he said about her. He played some audio of Sylvester talking to him on the phone about Janice. He wasn’t saying anything that bad. He was calling her a liar and things like that. Janice said she had a good month with him.

Howard said it sounds like Sylvester is angry with her though. Janice laughed and said that’s funny. She said that he has to protect his family so he has to say things about her. Janice said that she saw Sylvester out pumping gas into his Ferrari and he kind of said something to her but she didn’t stick around long.

Howard asked if she would still have sex with Sylvester if he asked. Janice said yes. She said they had fun when they were together. Howard asked why it ended. She said that he wanted his ex back. She said she may have been a bit too much to handle.

Janice told Howard that she’s been a recluse for a year now. She said that she was in hiding and she had to get out of the public eye for a while. She was talking about her daughter and how she had to protect her from the people out there. Howard asked if she talks to her about sex and stuff. Janice said she has tried but she doesn’t want to listen.

Howard talked about Janice doing Finland’s Next Top Model show and she breaks down and cries. He played some audio of that and Janice was saying that she put that all on. Janice was yelling at the other models telling them to call an ambulance for her. She was calling them all dumb too. Janice said that’s what goes on at a set like that.

Howard asked Janice if she has any money. Janice said she has had a tough year. She said that she, like everyone else, had a tough time with the economy being the way it is. Howard read about some of Janice’s financial problems but she said she’s doing fine now. Janice said she’s doing okay and she’s doing it all without anyone’s help.

Janice is 55 and she has a 32 year old boyfriend. She said that he’s a good guy and she hopes that he’s faithful with her. Howard asked if she’s worried about it being a Sandra Bullock situation. Janice said she hopes she doesn’t. She said she may have th have him followed to make sure he’s not doing what Jesse James was.

Howard asked Janice if she pays or everything. She said that she contributes. Janice told Howard that her boyfriend had her read the book that Slash wrote and she found out that he had done even more drugs than she had. She said that they went to Slash’s house and they were both sober. Janice said that the others were partying but she and Slash were sober. She said she kind of misses that but she really can’t drink anymore. She’d end up crying like she was on that tape if she did drink.

Howard asked Janice if she’s able to keep up with her 32 year old sexually. She said she can. Janice said they have a nice time. She has gone through menopause but she doesn’t need any lubricants. Howard said Robin claims the same thing. Janice said she’s juicy. Howard said Robin claims she doesn’t need any lube for anal either. Janice said she doesn’t either.

Howard said he remembers Janice having a problem with her doody on that reality show she was on. Janice wasn’t able to go to the bathroom for days. She said that she was really backed up and she almost told the doctor to stick his fist up there to get it out.

Howard asked if she shits every day. Janice said that she’s pretty regular. She said that you need to take stuff that lubricates you from the inside. Howard said he imagines her taking little rabbit doodies. Janice said she loves Howard. She doesn’t know how he does it every day.

Howard said he heard that she wanted to bang Simon Cowell. Janice said she does. Janice told Howard to finance a movie for her where she plays ”Whoreat” instead of Borat. She wants to chase after Simon Cowell. Howard said he thinks that Simon would be scared by her. She said that she put her hand on his ass and it was kind of flabby. She said that he made out with her and she stuck her hand back there. She said they were doing some event together and Simon planted a kiss on her.

Howard said that Janice dislikes Tyra Banks. Janice said she thinks she’s okay. Howard said he had some statements she made about her and they weren’t very nice. Janice said she worked together with her for 5 seasons and it was fine. She said that she just says stuff to create controversy.

Howard asked Janice about her plastic surgery and Robin pointed out that Howard had some work done. Howard said he just had his nose shaved a little bit. Janice said that he looks like a model now.

Howard asked Janice if she’s sorry she got started with plastic surgery. Janice said she’s not sorry. Janice said that she had to fill the ridges on her face and keep the frown lines away. She said she hid that from her husband and she started doing it at 32. Howard said that’s sad in a way. He said she couldn’t have needed it that bad at 32. Janice said she totally did.

Howard asked Janice about going out with Mick Jagger. She said they went out for a year and he just called it off over the phone one day. She said he just told her to lose his number and never call again. Janice said that she took it pretty hard. She said it was very mean. Howard said he could have let her down more gently. Janice said that she was fragile after being with him for a year. Howard said that’s kind of arrogant to do something that way.

Howard asked who dumped her the best so she didn’t feel bad. Janice said there was a movie executive who dumped her. She said that he was very nice about it but he will remain nameless. Howard said that was a decent thing to do.

Robin said that a lot of women who have stayed friends with Warren Beatty. Janice said that she was on page 291 of his book. She said she loves reading about herself.

Janice said that Warren was with like 19,000 women. Howard said that he loves women but doing that means that you are dicking a lot of women and just rolling them in and out of your room. He said he feels sorry for the guy. Howard said back in the day he was getting all of these women but he couldn’t have treated them very well. Janice said that she’s heard that he didn’t treat them very well.

Howard said he feels something for people and he couldn’t fuck 19,000 women or whatever the number was. He said he’d have to be completely detached to do something like that.

Howard asked Janice if she ever had a threesome. She said she has and she’s done it with two women and with two men. Howard asked what that’s like with two men. She said that she had someone that was so hot. She said it was with Rob Lowe. She said it was years ago though. Janice said it was Rob and one of his buds. She said they were just having fun that night. Howard asked if it was just sex. Janice said this was like 25 years ago and it was great.

Howard asked Janice where they did it. Janice said it was in some guy’s guest house at some mansion. Janice said that she doesn’t even remember that much about it. She said she remembers little pieces of it. She said that it was a lot of missionary position stuff. She said they had safe sex too. Janice said that one guy would be in her and the other would be rubbing her Raisinettes.

Janice figured that Howard had to have done some wild stuff in his studio. Howard said he never did. He said he was married and he didn’t cheat on her. He said there were plenty of women who wanted to do stuff but he never did. Howard said it was confusing for him and he did have tremendous temptation. He said it was hard for him to go home after that.

Janice said that she saw Howard at a bar one night and he ran away from her. Howard said he was scared of her. Janice asked if George was afraid of her. George told her that he’s gay. Janice said that gay men can be scared of her too. Janice said that she wasn’t coming on to Howard that night. She said that she just wanted to talk to him because she was a huge fan of his.

Howard asked Janice what she’s up to now. She said that she’s going to meet with the networks about doing another show.

Howard took a call from a woman who is Janice’s make up artist. She said that Janice is the most misunderstood woman in the world.

Jeff the Drunk called in and asked if Janice is a coke whore like the rest of the models. Janice said if she could still do coke she would. She said that she loved cocaine. Janice said it was very addictive. Janice said that she once did some coke and came on the show and ended up staying quiet. Howard asked if she thinks that the coke wore her out at 32 and that’s why she needed plastic surgery. Janice said that you shouldn’t do drugs or drink if you’re a model or not. Janice said that in the 70s they all bought into the coke thing and it was like a whole culture.

Howard took a call from a Sylvester Stallone impersonator who was talking about how crazy Janice is. Howard quickly moved on to another caller. That caller asked if she likes to have her ass spanked. Janice said she does. She said she’d be fine with being knocked out by a guy. She said that she doesn’t like to be choked though.

Howard asked Janice if she likes her ass eaten. She said that she will do that to a man. Howard said that George has done it to a man too. Howard said George did say that you do smell ass. Janice said that she has to have visited a brewery before doing something like that.

George said that he did ”I’m a Celebrity…” show too and he had beans with the rice and that kept him regular. Janice said that she thinks that they put something in her rice. She said she doesn’t like beans but she did eat them.

Howard said that Janice wasn’t very nice in that show. She would go out and pee in the camp. Janice said that she didn’t want to walk that far to the bathroom. She and George shared some stories about their experiences. They talked about the rats in camp and George was saying that the rats they had were laboratory raised. Janice said she was bitten by one and it wasn’t a lab rat. She asked if he had a good time doing it. George said he did and he lost weight doing it. Janice said that was the best part of doing it.

Howard said this was fascinating but they had to end the interview. Howard asked Janice how her body is holding up. Janice said it’s still tight. She had a tummy tuck. Howard asked to see it and she showed him. He said it did look good.

Howard asked if Mick Jagger had a small penis. Janice said that it was as small as an infant’s penis. Howard asked if she was serious. She said that she was and he pads it all down there when he’s on stage. She said that Sylvester is big. Liam Neeson is big too. She said it was like a soda bottle fell out of his pants. She said she freaked out when she saw it. Howard asked if it grew to a bigger size when he got hard. She said it was huge. Howard asked if the sex is better when it’s that big. She said it’s not. She said you don’t want to get hurt by it.

Howard asked Janice if she thinks Sandra Bullock should leave Jesse James or not. She said that she wouldn’t be able to handle it herself. Janice said she can see one or two mess ups but not this much. Howard said that Jesse had pictures of himself giving the Heil Hitler salute and making the little Hitler moustache. Janice said he should be shot just based on that.

Ralph called in and said that Janice has great stories. He asked her about going to Studio 54 and what that was like. Howard said she had a wild life. Ralph asked where the wildest place was that she did it. She said she did it in the frozen food section of the supermarket. She said she’s done it at a lot of other places too.

Janice said that she did it with a male model there in the supermarket. Janice said it was hot and it was quick. Ralph asked who the most famous guys were that she banged. Howard said that she just talked about doing Mick Jagger and Sylvester Stallone.

Janice said that this fire fighter that she has now is nice but she’s never content. Howard said that he feels really great with Beth. Janice asked Robin how she is. Robin said she’s still looking for things. Ralph asked if Janice is coked up today. Janice said she’s not.

Howard asked if Janice is shaved down below. Janice said that she had it removed with a laser. Howard said that doesn’t work. Janice said it worked for her. Howard said he had some hair removed but it came back. Janice asked if he has hair on his cock. Howard said that he does groom down there but he has some hair that grows on the shaft. Janice seemed freaked out by that.

Howard asked Janice if she stuck her tongue in Sylvester Stallone’s ass. She said she probably did but she doesn’t remember. Howard asked if any man ever hit her. She said that Sly hit her but she was probably mouthing off to him. She said that no woman should ever get hit though. Howard said he liked the guy sand he never hit him. Howard said that was odd that she said she would sleep with him even after she claims he hit her. Janice said maybe she was wrong about that. They wrapped up and went to break after that.

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  1. I feel sorry for a bunch old wasted up woman trying to get 15 minutes of fame off an old man they screwed for free. In the 60, 70, 80 and even today a black would have been hung proof or not. These women should sat there old behinds down and get over it. Most women think there cookies are better than gold and hard to get over it when they find out the man don’t feel the same. They should be ashamed.Get over it. What in God’s name are you doing here. I am ashamed of you all. Just nasty. …….


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