Jason Ellis on the Howard Stern Show (Howard Tv)

Howard had the guys bring in Jason Ellis who has a show on Faction there at SIRIUS XM from 3-7pm during the week. Gary came in and pointed at where to sit but Jason wasn’t behind him.

Jason came in and asked where his microphone was. He didn’t realize it was on the headset. Howard said that Jason is hard core and he has ”fire” and ”rain” tattooed on his knuckles. Howard said that’s hard core stuff. Jason said he did that for his brother that passed away. He said that James Taylor song reminds him of his brother.

Howard said James Taylor wrote that song in a mental institution. He asked if his brother was in one too. Jason said he wasn’t but he actually fell off a steam roller and died instantly. He said he was only 24 years old and his father had died the year before that. Jason said his brother didn’t get to live so he got the tattoos to remind him to live 5 lives now.

Howard said Jason does this Ellis Mania thing and he thinks that he got this from his father. His father would let the cops chase him in the car with him in the car. Jason said that was just one time. He said his father got a really fast car and they would get away and then wait for the cops to show up and then they’d take off again. Jason said he grew up riding motorbikes and they knew how to ride really well. He said they got advice from his father about how he would brake after the other guy would brake.

Jason said his father sold computers and he didn’t know anything about them. He said his father drank too much and he was a man’s man. He said he was kind of out of control and he’d beat people up if he was cut off in traffic and stuff.

Howard said he has ”Be Safe” tattooed on his knuckles. Howard said Jason isn’t afraid to fight and even being a professional skate boarder is dangerous. He said that he could break a lot of bones doing that. Jason said that they have Mega ramps now and you can die doing those things. Jason said that it became his whole life and if he breaks a leg it’s wroth it. Jason said he’s terrified of everything but he’s addicted to being scared. That’s why he’ll try anything.

Howard asked Jason if his father went to jail for out running the cops. Jason said that he didn’t. He said that his father parked the car after that chase and left it in someone else’s driveway and went to a strip club. He came back the next morning and they gave him his keys so he could drive it home. Jason said that things are different down in Australia. Howard said when you grow up like that he can see why he’d become an adrenaline junkie.

Howard gave Jason some plugs for his Ellis Mania show. Jason is going to go into the ring and box. Jason said he doesn’t do drunks so he needs someone to punch him in the head. He said his wife doesn’t get mad at him for getting the tingle in his head from this.

Howard said Jason is going to fight a guy in a wheelchair this time. Jason said the guy is a tough guy and they’ll both be in wheel chairs. He said that the other guy is a really strong guy and a maniac. Howard said he thinks that they could knock each other out. Jason said it’s not that easy. He said it’s going to be tough to knock anyone out. Jason said the other guy is in a chair but he can’t walk. Jason said he’s going to do 3 rounds and they’re 1 minute rounds. He said they were going to do it on a bar stool but that wasn’t going to work. He said he tested it out with some fans. they had some people duct taped to the stools and he punched the shit out of them.

Jason talked about how he’s been knocked out skate boarding and riding motocross. He said he once hit his head so hard he pissed his pants when he knocked himself out. He said he had a nurse cleaning his balls one time. He said that it’s not cheating if you knock yourself out and piss yourself. He said the doctor told him he could die if he gets knocked out again. He thinks that he’s healed now though so he should be okay.

Howard said Jason is charming but this behavior scares him. He said he seems almost suicidal. He said he’d be afraid to be around him because he fears that he’d just start punching people. Jason said a lot of people think that but he’s really not like that. He said he’s actually afraid to do anything like that. That keeps him out of trouble.

Howard asked Jason if he’s ever been medicated. He said he has been on anxiety pills. He said he hasn’t taken anything for mental stuff. He said he has started having panic attacks though so he has to take pills for that. He said he fears that he’s going to die of a heart attack like his father did. He said he has an irregular heart beat too.

Howard asked if he’s seeing a psychiatrist. Jason said he is. He said he feels like he has problems now. Howard said it sounds like he does. Jason said he’s got a very addictive personality and he abused drugs, alcohol and women. Howard asked what he did to women. He said he just fucked everyone. He said he didn’t actually abuse them.

Jason said he even fucked Chyna the wrestler. He said that was like fucking a man. Jason said he couldn’t believe that he did that. He realized that he’d fuck anyone after that. Jason said that he might be a sex addict but now he fights and skates and rides motocross to keep from doing that.

Howard asked Jason if he saw Chyna’s labia. Jason said he didn’t even see it. He said it felt good inside. He said that he didn’t want to get into it too much because his wife is listening. He said he just wanted to move on. Fred did his Herman Munster impression for Chyna and talked about Jason fucking her.

Howard asked Jason if he did a Spider-Man on her. Jason said he doesn’t throw his load on anyone. Howard said he just learned about that yesterday. Fred, as Chyna, said that she had thrown her load on a few women. Howard said that voice must be freaky when you’re banging someone. Jason said he feels sorry for her.

Howard asked Jason about skate boarding and what kind of money he was making. He said he was getting $600 a month and he was living large. He said he was loving life doing that. Jason said he moved to America at 17 and slept in ramps and in kid’s playgrounds. Howard said that’s like being homeless. Jason said he had a home in Australia. He said he never thought about it as being homeless though.

Howard asked Jason if he was the top skater in the world at the time. Jason said he was in the top 3 for a few years. He said he’s still in the game but he’s not at that level anymore. He said he still has sponsors and makes boards.

Howard asked Jason what he was known for. Jason said he broke a record for the furthest jump that stood for a few years. He said someone broke the record since then though. Howard said it sounds like he’s some athlete.

Howard asked Jason if he did it for the money. Jason said he didn’t do it for the money in the beginning. He said now it’s all about the money.

Howard asked Jason how he got the job. He said he knew Tony Hawk who did a show there and Will Pendarvis asked him to do a show there. Howard said he knows Will. He used to work at K-Rock.

Howard said that Jason is going to be doing this event where he’s going to wear dog shock collars on his neck and the audience is going to be controlling them. Howard said he’s heard they really hurt. He said the people are going to shock the shit out of him. Ellis got in some plugs for his web site EllisMania.com where you can find out more about this event.

Jason talked about some of the other things they’re going to do at the event. All of this stuff is about fighting. Howard read that Jason’s band Taintstick is going to be playing at the event too. Jason said that Andy Bell fought him last time and he won against Andy. He said he shook and shivered for a while after that fight and then went out and played with his band. He does what he has to do.

Howard asked Jason how the radio show is going. Jason said that it’s going good. He said he likes doing that and this is his world. He said he doesn’t party, he’s there to be the most entertaining radio guy on the planet. Howard said that it is a real job. Jason said it’s tougher than being a skate boarder.

Howard said that Jason has challenged Sal to this M&M’s thing where they shove stuff in their uncircumcised cock pouches. Jason said that he is a competitor and he will make a new hole in his dick to win this contest. He said he was putting stuff in his foreskin last night testing it out. Howard said Jason wanted to make the loser eat the M&M’s but Sal wasn’t willing to do that. Jason said that it would be radio history if he ate them and threw up on the air.

Sal came into the studio completely naked. He had his cock dressed up like Groucho Marx and called it ”Poucho Marx.” Howard said he had glasses and eyebrows on it. Jason told him his cock was ugly and he’s already won even if he doesn’t win the contest.

Howard said they had M&M’s there and they were plain, not peanut. Howard asked Jason how many he put in there last night. Jason said he had like 30 in there. Sal said he could fit all of Haiti in his. Jason said that Sal’s cock is really ugly and not all of them look like that. He said that Sal’s looked like it was chewed up and cooked on a barbecue. Jason asked Sal what the hell was going on with that. He said it looked like a murdering machine.

Howard figured Jason did this all the time but Jason said he never does. He said that he’s kind of uptight about it. He said that it’s radio gold to stick M&M’s in his dick though so he’s okay with that. Howard told Robin to check out his penis. Robin said she wasn’t looking. Jason begged her to look because he never gets to show it to anyone. Robin looked and said it was a good looking piece.

Sal was stretching out his cock in preparation for the contest. Jason didn’t know that was the deal. He said he didn’t know he had to prep like that. Sal was asking Jason Kaplan to come in and drop them into his pouch. Howard said that he didn’t think that they were going to have someone drop them in there.

Jason said everyone had better listen to his radio show and go on his web site. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. Howard gave him some plugs for his radio show and his web site EllisMania.com.

Will came in to drop the M&M’s in Jason’s cock (but Richard took over). Jason couldn’t believe he was doing this. Howard wanted them to do it at the same time so they could count together. Jason was yelling at Will to just put them in there. Howard had to stop them because they weren’t counting out loud. They were up to 6 around that time.

Sal was shaking so Jason asked what was up with that. Sal said he always shakes. Richard said Sal was getting full and he was only up to 7. Richard kept going and got up to 9. Howard said Jason had a big pouch and he might take it. Richard said Sal was full around 10. Howard told them to go up to 13 on Jason. They got up to 13 on Sal first. Then they went to Jason and shoved a few more in to get to 13.

Richard said that Jason’s was like a canyon compared to Sal’s. Sal got up to 16 and they were starting to fall out. Jason got up to 17 and he still had room. They got Sal up to 21 somehow. He lost one so he was down to 20 and then back up to 21. Jason was laughing that Sal looked like he was in pain. Jason was at 17 and Richard put in more and got him up to 22. Sal told him to go to 23 on him. Sal had 23 in there but he was shaking and dropping one here and there. They got him up to 25 and Sal told Jason to lick his balls.

Jason had room in his pouch so Richard put in some more and got him up to 32. Sal was out of room but he was trying to find more room. Jason said he couldn’t believe he was actually happy about this. Sal was up to 27 and told Richard to keep going. Sal was done around 27 because they were dropping out. Jason won the contest.

Gary said Teddy was willing to eat the M&M’s for money. He wanted 5 grand to do it though. Jason kept going and Richard managed to get 40 in there. Jason said that there was a tingle in the knob so it might be time to get them out of there. Richard wanted to go up to 50 to break the world record. Jason let him keep going. They got in a total of 50 in there. Jason threw in a plug for his web site after that. Jason then shot out all of the M&M’s from his cock. Howard said that was nuts. He said that Jason remains undefeated. Jason said that’s the way it always is with him.

Jason told Howard about this thing he had to do as a kid when he was in Australia. He said that his mother sent him to this camp and they got him naked at the camp and they had old people there that were trying to get him to do stuff. He said he had to go in a pool naked with other dudes and girls. He said that he had to partner up with someone and he ended up with a 75 year old man. He said that he had to cradle the guy in the water like a baby. They both had to take turns doing that. Jason said that he did that and he was bothered by the old guy’s cock touching him on the back. He said this one lady came up to him and this old lady made a pass at him and boned him on the street. He said the guy who ran the place found out about it and confronted him. Jason said he threatened to hit the guy on the face with a clock and it made the guy rethink everything.

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