Jeff “The Vomit Coach” Leavy available for hire (Roman Shower)

Jeff The Vomit Guy is fixated on watching women vomit. Because this sort of fetish is not considered to be in the mainstream, Jeff wanted to clear up some common “misnomers” surrounding it. The biggest one of these is that Jeff likes to be vomited on. Jeff made it very clear that the central feature of his fetish is watching women vomit.

Unfortunately, Jeff’s vomit fetish has a very negative impact on the other aspects of his daily life. Because his fetish is considered to be taboo, his vomit fixation has impeded both his personal and professional life. He often makes statements such as “I’m stalemate,” “I’m in a quagmire,” and “I’m in quicksand.”

Jeff is seeking to end the “holding pattern” that his life is currently in, and he has come up with a plan. He is hoping to construct an arrangement in which he can help others, while satisfying some of his own needs at the same time.

Jeff told me that he is hoping to become a “Vomit Coach.” When I asked him what a vomit coach does, he first indicated that being sick is very uncomfortable for many people, and that perhaps a sick person would want someone there to help them through the process. Jeff also referred to this role as a “Personal Vomit Boy,” “Vomit Cheerleader,” or a “Vomit Nurse.”

Although the title of the role may vary, the services are generally the same. Of course, the services rendered would be specific to the needs of the individual client. Jeff will help women in their 20s and 30s get through the uncomfortable vomiting stage of their sickness. I asked Jeff to outline the specific actions he would take in this role.

According to Jeff, these actions would include words of encouragement, holding back hair that may be in the vomit path, ensuring that napkins and water are easily accessible, and cleaning up any resulting mess. By making house calls, Jeff can also ensure that all of this happens in a “controlled environment.” He is willing to be “on call” for clients, as sickness can be unpredictable at times. In his role as a vomit coach, Jeff sees himself as “the straw that stirs the drink.” He also mentioned that he can provide the “tools of the vomit trade” to his clients.

Jeff wanted to make it very clear that while he would be able to satisfy his own needs in the role of a vomit coach, his central concern is the well-being of his clients.

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  1. Jeff is the man. He will go down as the best vomit coach of all time. All those years of training made his #1. When my wife gets sick, he the man.


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