Jon Hein on TV

Howard Stern Show Wrap-Up guru and Jump the Shark creator Jon Hein and his Diabetes are coming to a television near you.

It was announced this week that Hein has been cast as the host of a new reality show called ‘Fast Food Mania’. FFM will premiere on Discovery’s new ‘Destination America’ network on June 3rd. ‘Destination America’ will replace the environmentally conscious and low-rated ‘Planet Green’ network. Fast Food Mania’ will feature the “best fast food places to see what makes them work”. Sorry cows.

Hein has co-hosted ‘The Fast Food Show’ on Howard Stern’s secondary Sirius XM channel Howard 101 with HSS associate producer Jason Kaplan since 2010. Kaplan threw a deep fried hissy fit over the news of Hein’s T gig during Monday morning’s radio broadcast, accusing Hein of keeping the audition a secret to cut him out of the competition. Hein states that he landed the job through an open audition that was advertised on CraigsList.

Kaplan has also complained that Hein’s fast food critiques lack credibility because he doesn’t use a lot of toppings on his grease-soaked fast food.

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