Medicated Pete’s Last Day

Howard said that it’s Medicated Pete’s last day today. He said ti’s the end of his internship. He said he thinks that Pete is freaking out. Howard said he heard that they want him out of there because he’s creeping people out. He stands and stares at people in the lobby there. Howard said even if they could extend his internship they want him out of there. He said that it’s the upper management that wants him out. Howard said he apparently stares at the other show guests out in the lobby.

Howard heard that Pete got choked up on the show last night. Pete said he did. Howard said Gary told him that Pete is basically useless back in the office. He said Gary told him he can leave when the show is over because he doesn’t have anything for him to do.

Gary said he loves Pete but there isn’t much they have for him to do back there. Gary said having him around is keeping him in the way there. He said he likes having Pete around though. Gary said Pete doesn’t know where to be so he wanders around like bumper pool. He knocks into stuff as he wanders the halls.

Gary said he has things for Pete to do but not all that much. Gary asked Pete what his day consists of. Pete said he answers phones a couple of times. This morning he said he hasn’t done much. Howard said he sits around listening to dance music during the show. He’s not even listening to the show. He waits to be called in on the air and then goes home.

Gary said that one of their old assistants is the one who found Pete. She said that Pete used to hang out in the library. Pete spends the whole day there at the library according to that woman. Gary said they ended up hiring Pete.

Howard said Pete is going to have to surrender his name ”Medicated Pete” and leave there as just ”Pete.” Howard said Pete must be wondering what to do with the rest of his life. Pete said he’s going to be pawning stuff on the beach now. Howard said he heard that Pete’s nickname is bedbug because he latches on to people. Pete said that’s right.

Ronnie said that Pete walks around the whole building and stares at people. He just wanders around to places he shouldn’t be going. He said Pete was down there at the ”other place” where he shouldn’t be. Howard asked Pete what he was doing up there. Pete said he doesn’t know. He said he can’t rationalize it.

Pete said he knows a guy from NFL radio up there so that’s why he goes up. Ronnie said he wanders every hall up there though so he has to tell him to come back. Ronnie said he tells him to stay away from some of the areas down there.

Howard asked if Pete ever goes to the law offices and other parts of the building. Pete said he stays there in the SIRIUS compound. Ronnie said he also says goodbye like 18 times. He said he’ll leave and then come back and then leave again. He said that Pete waits out there in the lobby waiting to go on the Wrap Up Show and thing like that.

Ronnie said that the receptionist can’t figure out how to get rid of him either. Howard said he’s going to be fucked when he leaves there. Howard asked if he can retire on the Medicated Pete app money. Pete said he has gotten some money off of that. He said he probably made about 3-400 dollars. Robin said that’s not bad.

Gary asked how Pete makes money. Pete said he gets disability because of his Tourettes. Howard said he thinks he could get a job in a restaurant or something. Pete said he could spit on some hamburgers. Ronnie said he could stock shelves at a store or something. He doesn’t think he could work a register or anything. Howard said that’s why the library is so great because they can’t kick him out of there. Ronnie said he should get a job there at the library.

Howard said Pete must be worried that his girlfriend is going to break up now that he’s not on the show. Pete said he’ll probably get booted to the curb. Howard said that chick is going to get sick of Pete bed bugging on to her. Ronnie asked what he was doing the rest of the week when he wasn’t working there. Pete said he’s trying to find something.

Howard said that it’s been a pleasure having him there. He said he thinks Pete is a good dude. Pete thanked them for everything. Robin told him to stay in touch. Howard said maybe they can help him out with something. Robin said he can be part of the Wack Pack now. Howard said he should make an Amazon wish list so they can buy him stuff like Eric the Midget.

Howard asked Pete if he wanted to say goodbye like Simon Cowell did on Idol. Pete said it’s been nice getting to know them and he appreciates them having him on. He said it was very nice of him. Howard said he took one look at Pete and knew he had to get him on the air.

Howard said it felt weird to say goodbye to Pete. Robin said she was hoping the day would never come. Howard said the same thing and thanked Robin for saying that. Howard told Pete to call in like Jeff the Drunk once in a while. He told him to just not ask for money.

Howard let Pete go and Pete kept turning around to say goodbye. Robin said she’s never seen Pete like that. Howard said he’s upset today. Robin said that Pete kept turning to Gary and saying ”bus” and bursting out laughing.

Howard played a prank call the guys made using clips of Medicated Pete asking a ton of questions that the guy on the other end didn’t understand.

Howard said that JD is upset that Pete is leaving because they left him alone. JD said that he’s only there two days a week so he’s not going to miss him. Howard said JD was kind of cool when Pete was around. Howard said JD actually didn’t like Pete. JD said it’s not that he didn’t like him. He said Pete is funny at times but today he was just alright.

JD said Pete is weird. He said he stares at people and it’s just weird. Will came in and said that JD got really upset with him when he invited Pete to a party. He said JD thought he was cooler than Pete and didn’t think Pete should be there. JD said he knew it was out of a joke that he was invited. Howard imagined JD asking why they invited ”that nerd” to the party.

Howard and Fred goofed on JD about that whole thing for a few minutes. Howard said that JD should have taken Pete under his nerdy wing. Howard let JD go after that. Howard said he had to take a break after that.

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