Quentin Tarantino

Howard Stern said that Quentin Tarantino is coming in today. He said that he’s going to be promoting his ”Inglourious Basterds” movie. Howard said he’s not sure why he spelled it that way but they’ll find out today. Howard said maybe Quentin spells like Bob Levy does.

Howard came back and had the guys bring in Quentin Tarantino. Howard said it was great to see him. Quentin said that the couch was throwing him off in there. He said he was digging it though.

Howard told Quentin about the screener copy he got with his name all over it and being all blurry. Quentin jokingly told him that’s the way he shot the movie.

Howard told Quentin that he liked the movie a lot. He said that he thinks he has a hit on his hands. Quentin thanked him for that. Howard asked why he cast Eli Roth, who used to sit outside his door on the set of Private Parts, instead of casting him in a part. Quentin told Howard he does a great Boston accent so that’s why he got Eli in there.

Howard asked Quentin about John Travolta and if he called him to talk to him about his son dying. Quentin said that he didn’t hear about it right after it happened. He was over in Germany and he still hasn’t called the guy to talk to him. He said that he’s very immature about that kind of thing.

Howard asked Quentin about being close with guys like Travolta after making a movie with him. Quentin said that they do get close but you only see each other every couple of years. He said they don’t go out and meet at the corner bar or anything like that.

Howard said Quentin’s casting kind of confuses him sometimes. He said that Travolta was an odd pick for Pulp Fiction was strange. Quentin said he always liked the guy and he just got together with him to meet him once and it wasn’t even for the movie. He said that he wanted to see if he clicked with the guy to see if they could maybe work on something some day. Howard asked why he hasn’t had a meeting with him about something like that. Quentin said that he doesn’t need a meeting with Howard after doing the show.

Howard asked Quentin about getting Brad Pitt to do his movie. Howard said he read that he had gone to meet Brad when Angelina was still in the hospital having her kids. That was over in France. Quentin said that he and Brad didn’t know each other but they had seen each other from time to time. He said that they both knew they wanted to work together on something. He said he was writing this script and he thought that Brad would be great for the role. Howard said he was actually very good in that role too. Quentin said that he thought he did a great job in the role. Howard said he’s actually a great actor.

Quentin said that Brad gave him everything he needed and he figures he’s working with him at the best time of his career. Howard said that’s probably because Brad wants to get out of the house away from those kids. Quentin didn’t seem to think that was the case.

Howard asked Quentin about banging Uma Thurman. Quentin said he wasn’t going to talk about stuff like that. Howard said he has a feeling that something went down with them. Quentin moved on even though Fred was playing some porn clips as Howard was talking about the sex thing.

Howard read that Quentin had made out with Kathy Griffin. Quentin said that he didn’t have sex with her but he did make out with her. Howard asked him about Margaret Cho and doing her. Quentin said that she is pretty crazy and she talks a lot about sex. Howard asked if she was the best he had ever had. Quentin said no to that. Howard tried to get him to talk about Uma but he was refusing to say anything about that.

Howard asked Quentin about how long it took to write this ”Inglourious Basterds” movie. Quentin said it took about 6 months and he wrote it on his own. Howard asked how he knows how to write this stuff. Quentin said that’s what writers do.

Howard asked where he comes up with these ideas. Quentin said he loves genre movies and he thought it would be cool to do a war film where a bunch of guys are on a mission. He said that something like that hadn’t been made in a while so that’s why he came up with the idea. He said that he thought about what kind of guys would be in this group and that’s when he came up with the American Jews on a mission to get the Nazis.

Howard asked Quentin about calling up Brad Pitt’s agent to find out if he was available to do this movie and if the agent said ”fuck you.” Quentin said that he told the agent that he had to meet with Brad right away and he wanted to get the movie going. He said that he knew he had the funding available so he just wanted to get the whole thing going as soon as possible. He said that he knew that the Weinstein brothers would let him do the movie and he wasn’t worried about them not liking the script.

Quentin said it turned out to be the right time for Brad to do a movie and he was available so things worked out. He said that Brad doesn’t let himself get all backed up with movies so he has time to do stuff like this. He said that he didn’t have a ton of money to pay the guy but he thinks that he paid Brad something like $9 million for this.

Howard asked Quentin who he would have gotten if Brad wasn’t available. Quentin said he never had a back up plan for that. He said that he was going to get Brad no matter what. Howard figured he wanted to get away from the kids so maybe that’s why he was so willing to do the movie. Quentin said he met all of the kids and it was kind of cool seeing them. He said that the kids were all over Brad and calling him ”dad” and things like that. He said it was kind of sweet with the little girl calling him dad and he wouldn’t mind something like that himself.

Howard asked Quentin if he was startled when he saw the black kids in the family. Quentin said it wasn’t startling at all to him. Howard said that means he must not be a racist.

Howard asked what Brad Pitt said about doing the movie. Quentin said that Brad had a problem with the end of the movie and he wanted to talk about where he was coming from with the ending of the movie. He said he didn’t want to spoil the movie but he did say that he goes one way with it and history went another way with it.

Quentin said he and Brad went out to dinner and Brad brought up the ending of the movie. He asked him what his take was on it but told him that he was going to do the movie no matter what. He was just trying to get his take on it.

Howard asked if Brad asked why he spelled bastards ”Basterds.” Quentin said he didn’t bring that up at all. Quentin said that’s something that just doesn’t come up and no one asks about it.

Howard asked if Angelina had come home while he was visiting with Brad. He said that she was in the hospital at the time having twins. Howard asked if they have help there at their house because Brad and Angelina claim they don’t. Quentin said they do have friends that help them out.

Quentin said he was at Brad and Agelina’s until about 3 in the morning. Howard asked if he ever worried that he was annoying them by staying so late. Quentin said that he had flown all the way to France to visit them so he didn’t think that would come up.

Quentin said that things eventually ended and he went to his hotel. He said that Brad had this big brick of hash and he was going to give him some for the night. He said that Brad whipped out a knife and cut up a big sliver for him and the stuff was pretty good. He said that he asked for a pipe to go with it and Brad handed him a Coke can to use instead. Quentin said that would make for a great scene in a movie and he may have to use that.

Quentin said that he doesn’t get paranoid when he smokes hash. He said that he does with pot though. Howard said he would get paranoid if he smoked that stuff and he’d have to run out of the room if he did. Quentin said that people can bond by doing stuff like that and he really doesn’t get paranoid smoking hash. Howard wondered why that is because he gets paranoid on either one.

Howard said that Quentin should have yelled at Brad for taking that hash out. He said that would have been funny. Howard said he wants to smoke hash with Quentin and talk about fucking Uma Thurman.

Howard said he could spent all day talking to Quentin about meeting with Brad Pitt. He said he could never spend that much time with Brad Pitt and not worry that he was bothering him. He said that Brad can’t stay up that late because he has kids who are going to wake him up a few hours later.

Quentin said he and Brad didn’t just talk about the movie. They were all going around the property in a dune buggy type of thing and they all checked out the property. He said that the kids got in it and they had to drive around to see the huge vineyard that they were at. He said that they have a recording studio on the property that was the one where Pink Floyd recorded ”The Wall.”

Howard said he didn’t know that Brad Pitt had so much money. Quentin said that he’s been at it for a long time and he’s also married to Angelina Jolie.

Howard asked Quentin about the kind of money he made on this movie. Quentin said that he gets a good back end deal on the movie. He said that the movie studio would probably rather give him one big pay day than give him the back end deal though.

Howard asked Quentin if he went to the bathroom and made doody at Brad’s house. He said he didn’t remember if he had done that but he did use the bathroom.

Howard asked Quentin if he’s nervous about the movie doing well. He said that he is because he has worked with the Weinstein’s for a long time and he wants them to do well.

Howard asked about Eli Roth again and talked about how he met him at Lindsay Lohan’s house. Quentin said it wasn’t quite like that. He said that they were at a club and met and Lindsay asked them if they wanted to go back to her house for a party. Howard asked Quentin if he would bang a chick like that. Quentin said that he’s not into chicks that young. He said that she has some friends who are older so that’s the kind of chicks he might go after.

Quentin said that Lindsay thought that Eli was his assistant so he was telling her that it was actually his younger brother Ernie Tarantino.

Howard asked Quentin if he would ever put Lindsay in a movie. He figured that he wouldn’t because of all of the nonsense she’s always up to. Quentin said he thinks she’s a terrific actress so he would like to put her into something. He said if he thought she would be a problem he wouldn’t put her in one.

Howard asked Quentin what his age limit is on who he will date. Howard asked if he would date a 20 year old. Quentin said that he wouldn’t date a girl that young. He said that a 20 year old doesn’t really have a life. He said he’d need someone maybe 25 or 26. Howard said he likes that. Even Quentin said that it wasn’t that big of a difference but he did think that the 5 years would make a difference.

Howard asked Quentin what the oldest chick was that he had dated. Quentin had to think about that one. Gary said he saw Quentin interviewed and saying that he would have kids when he’s about 60. Howard said that’s about right and that would be a good time to have kids.

Quentin said that he’s 45 now and he really wants to get out of directing by the time he’s 60. He said that would be a good time to get into just writing and raising a family.

Howard said that he wanted to hear Quentin’s comments on David Carradine. Quentin said that he has thought about the auto erotic asphyxiation but he has never done it. He said that he brought it up with some girls and they wanted to go through with it. He said he had second thoughts about it after they said yes. He said that he would never do it on his own because you can pass out and hang yourself. He said he wouldn’t want that to happen.

Howard asked Quentin if he was shocked that Carradine was into that. Quentin said that he’s not sure that was the case but for the sake of the conversation, he thinks that’s fucking bad ass. He said he went out great as far as he’s concerned.

Howard said that he thinks differently. He said that guy was Kill Bill and Kung Fu and he went out like that and it wasn’t cool in his opinion.

Quentin said that David lived 5 people’s lives. He said that he was a wild dude. Howard said he wants to be wild too and asked what he can do to be wild. Quentin said that he was a hippie and an artist and he went by his own rules. He said that guy really just lived a life. He said that he was great to work with too. Quentin said it was sad for the people who will miss him but the way he went out was doing it right.

Howard asked Quentin about his foot fetish. Quentin said he doesn’t have a fetish but he does like the lower end of the female body. Howard asked if he’s really into feet. Quentin said that he likes feet and legs. Howard asked who has the nicest feet in Hollywood.

Howard asked Quentin how he wants to go out. He asked if he wants to die in bed having sex. Quentin said that he digs the idea of living to be 100. He said that he would like to go on that long.

Howard asked Quentin why he won’t do a comic book movie like Superman or anything. Quentin said that there would have been a time to do that but that time may be passed. He said he wouldn’t do an established comic book and he would have to come up with something of his own if he did one. Howard said that’s what he likes about him. He said that’s what this ”Inglourious Basterds” was like. He had something he started from scratch and it was an original idea.

Howard asked Quentin about working with Fergie on a movie and how he bit her on the ass to get her to react to something. Quentin said that he bit her because she was in a scene where she was with zombies. He said that he had to get that reaction from her and that’s what he did.

Howard told Quentin he loved this one scene where the guys were in a tavern and also another one in a movie theater. He didn’t want to spoil anything and didn’t give many details about those scenes.

Howard asked Quentin about walking out of ”Natural Born Killers” even though he had written it. Quentin said that he went to see it and knew that it might be bad. He said that he and Juliette Lewis went to see it and she was the one who told him that they should get the fuck out of there. He said that some people heard her say that so that’s how that story got out there. Quentin said that Oliver Stone re-wrote the script and you just can’t do that to him.

Howard asked who the biggest pain in the ass was that he worked with. He asked if it was De Niro. Quentin said that wasn’t the case. He said that he was great to work with. Quentin said that the tape that got out where they were talking about him was about negotiating his deal.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Quentin is a great director and he needs to make something with Howard Stern. Howard said Quentin looks at him and sees nothing. Howard said the negotiations would drive him nuts.

Howard said that he’s proud of Quentin and he loved the movie. He said that the movie is in subtitles a lot but it had to be that way and he respects that. Howard said that the next time he comes in he has to talk about defecating at Brad Pitt’s house.

Quentin talked about the robotic toilets they have in Japan and how strange that can be to use. He said that they’re robotic and will do all kinds of strange things to you to clean you up down there.

Howard asked Quentin about this book that was written about him where the author claimed that he didn’t like to clean himself. Quentin said that he knew that book was kind of nasty and didn’t want to read it. He said that he does clean himself though and he smelled fine this morning.

Howard said he’s had books written about him before and they were filled with stories that just weren’t true. He said that he gets angry about that stuff.

Howard asked Quentin about the Germans and if they were mad that he was making a movie about the Nazis. Quentin said it was just the opposite and they didn’t get upset with him at all.

Howard had Mariann from Brooklyn on the phone. She asked Quentin if he had to be totally out there to be an actor and told him that he and King of all Blacks could have a foot fetish show together. Quentin said that actors have to be smart and there are some dumb ones out there that he’s worked with before. He said that his material can be kind of deep and you have to be smart to get it. He said he doesn’t put quotes around his jokes and some people just don’t get them.

Howard asked Quentin if he’s dating anyone right now. Quentin said that now that he has his life back he may start dating. He didn’t really have any relationships in Germany but he did hang out with some people. Howard asked if he ever pays for sex. Quentin said he never pays for pussy. He did when he was younger but not anymore.

Howard asked Quentin what he’s doing today. He said he’ll be doing Letterman this afternoon and then doing Charlie Rose. He said that it’s tough to do two shows that are so totally different in one day though.

Howard asked Quentin what it’ll be like doing Letterman for him. Quentin said that Letterman is like the elder statesman and he is ”the guy” and he’s the straight man to Letterman. He said the other guys are the ones who joke around with him and set him up for jokes and stuff.

Howard asked Quentin what he thinks will happen with Jay Leno’s show. Quentin wasn’t sure how it was going to work but Howard wanted him to say it was going to fail. Quentin wasn’t sure it would because he doesn’t know what it’ll be about.

Howard gave Quentin some plugs for the movie, ”Inglourious Basterds,” which is opening this Friday. Howard was going to end the interview but Artie was wondering what kind of hash Brad Pitt could have had that was so good. Quentin said that he gets the really good stuff. He was also saying that the kids were asleep when they were smoking that stuff so it was okay. They ended the interview a short time later and went to break.

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