Ralph never had sex with Sandra Bernhard

Howard said Ralph called him after Sandra Bernhard’s interview last week in which she described the threesome she and her girlfriend had with Ralph a few months ago and denied the whole thing. Howard said Ralph wasn’t sure he should tell Howard the truth, saying: “Howard, It never happened. Maybe you don’t want me to tell you that.” Howard laughed: “But I was like, ‘That makes it even more intriguing.'” Howard said Ralph went on to say it “absolutely never happened” and even went so far as to deny specific sex acts: “I’ve never eaten out Sandra.”

Howard said Sandra’s made-up story was “genius” and Ralph called in to admit he was still confused: “I was dumbfounded.” Howard asked if anything like Sandra’s story almost happened, but Ralph had to be honest: “Not even close…I would’ve told you.” Ralph did speculate that Sandra and her girlfriend probably did have a threesome as she described it and only she threw Ralph’s name in there either to make it a better story or to avoid having to be questioned about the threesomes, male participant.

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