Robin’s Trip To Peru (Ayahuasca)

Howard took a call from a guy who said Robin is wrong about this Ayahuasca thing not being a Psychadellic thing. Robin said that it’s not meant to be used for just Psychadellic. The caller said that it’s the most potent Psychadellic on the planet. Howard said this is a way of taking drugs for people who don’t take drugs.

Robin said that she thought that this could help her out with her depression. Robin said she’s not depressed now. The caller said that the active ingredient is DMT which can be taken out of many different plants. Robin said she’s drinking the tea and not taking the drug. Howard said the caller was boring the shit out of him so he had to hang up. He said he was droning on about the DMT.

Howard said Robin does seem to be very happy. Howard asked if she knew that he’d talk her out of it if she told him ahead of time. Robin said she did. Howard said she once went to a witches coven and that’s the kind of wacky stuff she does. Robin said she likes to experiment with things like that. Howard said if it worked then they wouldn’t be doing it in a broken down hut. Robin said it was kind of sad. She said the guy, who calls himself Master, was a sweetheart. She said he’s a master and he’s revered there. Howard asked if she got caught up in his philosophy. She said she doesn’t speak the language so she doesn’t know what his philosophy is. She had an interpreter telling her what he was saying.

Robin said she was the only one there. She said that it’s usually a group that goes. She said they have retreats all over Peru. Robin said there’s a guy who created this retreat because this Ayahuasca thing cured him.

Robin said she was taken out to this place where she had 5 mattresses on the floor. Howard asked why they didn’t put her in a nice room. Robin said they don’t have a nice room. You live like the natives. They had chickens in the yard and things like that. Howard asked if she thought it might be dangerous. Robin said she knew it was going to be rustic. She said she didn’t know where she was going.

Howard said it looks like it was a real shithole from what he saw. Robin said she was brought to her room and they had a shamen there to wanted to read cocoa leaves for her. She was just following what the tradition was. The guy told her that she was healthy and she’d live a long life. Howard said ”Yeah, like he knows…”

Robin said she wasn’t allowed to eat all day. She said she had to stay silent too. Robin said you have to be only on water. Robin said she was told it was time for her Ayahuasca ceremony and she had to wear a lot of clothes. She said you get cold when you take it. Howard asked her what she’s doing. Robin said they have them brew this stuff on the full moon. She said they have it in a big plastic jug. Robin said they gave her some cocoa leaves to chew. She said she did that and he started talking about the medicine and it’s so reverent. She said that he was telling her it was for her spiritual revolution and things like that.

Howard said if a guy there in America did that to her in a bar she wouldn’t do it. Robin said that’s true. She said that they had some paint buckets in the room and the Master told her she was going to get sick. She said he said that was there for her to vomit in. Howard said he would have left right then. Robin said she never vomits and she figured it wouldn’t happen to her. She was told that she would get cold or hot and sweat. All of this is normal for this Ayahuasca thing.

Robin said Master prayed and read the cocoa leaves and then told her it was time to take ”la medicina.” Robin said he tried to open this stuff and it started foaming. She said it was an ugly brown liquid. Howard saw a picture of it and asked if she drank it. Robin said that this stuff was foaming like crazy and he started laughing. She said that he stopped the foaming and gave her a Dixie cup full of it. She said that he told her to drink it down really quick. She said it was the worst tasting stuff you can imagine. Robin said she gulped it down. Robin said they sit and watch you as it takes effect.

Robin said 30 minutes goes by and she felt a little queasy. She said that they said they’d give her more if she didn’t feel anything. Robin said she drank some more of it and 10 minutes later she was sick as a dog and she started throwing up so violently that she was also farting. Howard said she’s nuts. Robin said she was embarrassed from the farting. She said it just kept going and going.

Robin said you get this stuff out of you and you lay down and start having visions. Robin said that she started to see all of the misery of the world. She said she cried for about 4 hours non-stop. She said she was weeping. Howard asked how she saw the misery of the world. Robin said you see all of the pain of your own life and think about other people’s pain and see the pain of the entire world. She said she was just weeping and weeping. Robin said Master fell asleep. She said she could hear him snoring.

Howard took a call from a guy who told Robin she has to be the most gullible person on the planet. Howard said he would have been miserable. the caller said he loves that she turns her nose at French fries but she’ll drink that shit.

Robin said she did it the second night and she had to grab a bucket and go to the bathroom. She was going at both ends at the same time. Robin said she was throwing up in a bucket and going to the bathroom. She was starting to hallucinate while she had the illness. Robin said she wasn’t sure if she should close her eyes or keep them open. She said she was on a trip that night and she doesn’t even know what to say about that. She said it was very colorful and it was weird. Howard said it sounds like peyote. Robin said it is kind of like what American Indians do.

Robin said they were telling her that she should be fighting for her life in this. Robin said they give you a day break and then she was going to have to take the Ayahuasca again. She said she had to stop eating for a day. She said that they told her not to fool around and fight for this. She said she did it again and had nothing happening for like 2 or 3 hours. Robin said that she did that for an hour or two and got past the colors and had an incredible conversation with herself. She said she learned that nothing matters. She said she learned that life is great except for all that sucks. She said all of the crap they put on themselves is what sucks. Robin said she got violently sick again after that.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that she took peyote. He said it’s plain and simple. Another caller said he could get her to throw up for 4 days in a row if she wants to fly down to Atlanta. Howard said he had to take a break and digest what she just said. Howard asked Fred what he thinks. Fred said she won’t drink milk but she’ll take that shit. He said it makes no sense.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that her story is fascinating and it’s something that he supports. Howard said she learned that society is no good. That’s it. Robin said that she learned that the things we do are just for other people. She said we don’t have to do these things. Howard told Robin not to base her life on this. He said it’s nonsense. Robin said she thought a lot about Howard and it’s all of this desire to have everyone approving of you. She said it’s ridiculous. That’s what makes life hard.

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