Ronnie’s offensive holiday poem

Howard Stern Show Poet Laureate Ronnie Mund’s latest composition is causing some major on-air turmoil.

Mund debuted his newest poem ‘The Holiday Party’ at the Howard Stern Show holiday party on December 15th, but Tuesday January 3rd was the first chance that Stern had a chance to comment on the poem on air.

Stern called the poem “offensive,” particularly the backhanded compliments about how many people think that Stern is “crass” and “an ass”.

“I didn’t expect good poetry from Ronnie, [but] I didn’t expect it to be insulting to me,” said Stern on Tuesday morning’s satellite radio broadcast.

Read the poem here:

At this time every year,
We have a party to celebrate our year.
We have great food, booze and beer,
and plenty of fun and cheer.

Sometimes we have a DJ.
Sometimes we do karaoke.
And sometimes, we even do the Hokey Pokey.
We sing and we dance, and once in a while a jerk will pull down his pants.

We look forward to this event,
Where we can let loose and get bent.
Some people say the host of this party is an ass.
Some people say he is crass.
But the people at this party love Howard and Beth
Cause in our eyes they are top class.

We raise our glasses to you in cheer,
Until we meet again this next year.
So, we thank you two for this great night.
And now, let’s party into the wee hours of the night.

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