Sirius XM boss Mel Karmazin to be replaced?

Liberty Media Corp Chief Executive Greg Maffei escalated a war of words with Sirius XM Radio Inc boss Mel Karmazin on Thursday, saying Karmazin could be replaced when his contract expires at the end of the year.

Liberty Media is close to taking control of the satellite radio provider, pending approval by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

Speaking at a Goldman Sachs investor conference in New York, Maffei said that Karmazin, who has led Sirius XM since 2004, was “valuable” but not “irreplaceable.”

“I think there are plenty of people who could do a great job running the business,” said Maffei, whose Liberty Media holds a 49.6 percent stake in Sirius XM and has said it plans to raise its stake above 50 percent.

Karmazin’s contract expires at the end of the year. He told investors last week that he is open to contract negotiations but that “my instincts today are that Liberty does not need me at the company.”

1 thought on “Sirius XM boss Mel Karmazin to be replaced?”

  1. Mel and Howard were a team and Howard always showed him respect on the air, but I guess they’ve had beef since the lawsuit. Maybe Mel leaving is a good thing as far as keeping Howard happy at Sirius goes. Either way, they’ve got to get busy on programming on those 2 channels because Abe Kanan is fucking un-listenable.
    I want to like everything on howard’s channels, and I swear I’ve tried to enjoy the Abe Kanan on some level (like I was able to enjoy Bubba after giving him a chance), but it always inevitably becomes too annoying for me and I’m forced to change the channel. How will Mel Karmazin;s departure affect Sirius remains to be seen…all I can hope for is that it frees up some more money for the channels to hire more talent. Tim, who claims to always work super-hard on stuff like putting the Abe Kanan Show on the schedule regularly and not being able to keep Bubba on-board or convince Steve Langford to stay shares part of the blame, but I’m sure he would argue that there is not enough money to keep everybody happy. Karmazin has always had a reputation for being tight with money, if he leaves it might be for the better.


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