Sirius XM isn’t home anymore

Howard Stern says he no longer feels welcome at Sirius XM.

Stern has been embroiled in a legal battle with his employer since March 2011, claiming the company bilked him out of millions of dollars in stock bonuses he was promised as part of his original contract in 2006.

Stern is now back to his old role as company pariah, stating that he’s started moving his personal items like family photographs out of his office for fear of sabotage from bitter coworkers.

“It didn’t feel like my pictures belonged here anymore. I actually started thinking: ‘I don’t know if my stuff is safe here.’ It’s an emotional feeling. I all the sudden it didn’t feel like this was home. Nobody ever came and talked to me about this is a civilized way. I’m a pretty important player here in the mix. They treat me like I’m a fucking asshole. I knew that I was in for more of the same early on. I predicted all this anyway. I knew something weird would happen. I just knew it. There’s tremendous resentment here about me. That’s what I feel. People can’t deal with it.”

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  1. Enough already w/ the poor me crap. He’s a billionaire after all. Stop w/ the under dog role.


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