Stern and Jimmy Kimmel hate Jay Leno

Howard Stern isnt the only person that hates Jay Leno in Hollywood. In an interview that was done in New York this week, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host said “fuck him” when asked for his thoughts on Leno. He also recalled the last time he spoke to Leno which was when he went on his primetime show back in 2010 and proceeding to bash and mock him on the air for taking “The Tonight Show” back after NBC became unhappy with the Conan O’Brien’s performance as host in terms of ratings:

“It was probably my proudest moment … People, it turns out, really don’t like Jay Leno. We have not spoken since that time.” – Kimmel

1 thought on “Stern and Jimmy Kimmel hate Jay Leno”

  1. kind of feel like these guys are at some level jealous of the leader of the late night. I don’t watch these shows but obviously, Jay Leno has something that is CONSISTENTLY working.

    I feel indifferent about Jay, but there is something to say about a guy that does not bash back Jimmy or Stern.

    In able to make it in show business, you will always gonna screw others, including Stern and Jimmy. I am sure both have made alot of enemies.


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