Artie Lange Beaten In New Jersey Jail With A Pipe By Five Guys

Artie Lange made his return to The Anthony and Artie Show this week, where he recounted how he was brutally beaten in a New Jersey jail by a pipe. Adam Carolla commented on the story below:

Artie told Anthony Cumia that a guard was “mad” at him, and made the decision to put him in the general population sector.

“They get five guys who hold me down, and this kid is beating me with a pipe in my lower back,” Lange claimed. “He had a technique where they brought it back up so they didn’t kill you. For two days this happened.”

“My back is killing. I was laying in piss while I was getting beat with a pipe. They gave me no insulin — my sugar was 680. You’re dead when it hits 650,” Artie who is a diabetic said.

Artie eventually made his way to the infirmary. But the guards allegedly told him he would have to go back to the general population until they could find a cell.

“So I said shave my head because they kept grabbing me by the head. I was in like a cage. They would grab me by the hair to pull me out to beat me with a fucking pipe. So I said if I have no hair, they can’t do that. I look like a fat whale.”

Artie Lange on The Adam Carolla Podcast

Adam opens the show with Artie Lange in studio, and the guys chat about the last four years of Artie’s life.

All of it is chronicled in his new book, Crash and Burn, and the guys discuss everything from his heroin addiction to his meltdown on Stern to his suicide attempt. They also talk about his issues with gambling, and paying $10,000 for a hooker

Adam Carolla (Howard Stern Interview)

Known as Jimmy Kimmel’s other best friend, comedian and radio host Adam Carolla is a longtime friend of the show. Best known for co-hosting Loveline with Dr. Drew and The Man Show with Kimmel, Adam now hosts his own podcast The Adam Carolla Show.

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Artie suspended by DirecTV for pissing during radio show

Former Howard Stern sidekick, Artie Lange has been suspended from The Nick and Artie Show for pissing on the studio floor and demanding two staffers clean it up.

Artie tweeted “Direct Tv has suspended me from the N&A show for the next 2 nights. They won’t tell me fully why. Can’t continue w them. Sorry guys. Luv u.”

Odd that Artie claims to not know why he was benched. Sources connected to the “Nick and Artie Show” tell TMZ the suspension came down because Artie urinated on the studio floor while on the air Friday. When told about his suspension Lange threatened to leave the show for good.

Is it possible we could see Artie return to the Stern Show if he ends up leaving DirecTV for good?

His last tweet, before deleting it, eluded to a possible solo venture into the world of Podcasting as Joe Rogan and Adam Carolla have done.

“Direct Tv are good ppl. I apologize to them for doing an offensive show. May do my own Podcast. Hope to see u all down the road.”