The New Artie Lange Show

The Nick & Artie Show appears to have been taken off the air in favor of “The Artie Lange Show.”

A recent post on The Nick & Artie Show’s Facebook page seems to point to what fans had been thinking all week.

You guys have been great detectives on trying to figure out what the new situation will be starting on Monday,” reads the Facebook entry, posted earlier this afternoon. “Nick is pursuing some great opportunities and we are excited to announce the NEW Artie Lange Show.

The Artie Lange ShowWhat made the transition suspicious was a purchase of the domain name,which was registered to a person under the name Ken Kohl. Kohl is the director of operations for the entertainment division of DirecTV, the hub of former The Nick & Artie Show. Their prior website seems to be taken offline and just shows a under construction page.

Di Paolo commented Friday morning that he couldn’t say anything about situation just yet.

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