Bob Levy blames Howard Stern for Artie Lange’s suicide attempt and quits The Miserable Men Show

Comedian and long time friend of the Howard Stern Show “Reverend Bob Levy” pointed the finger squarely in the face of the King of All Media Tuesday, blaming him for co-host Artie Lange’s violent suicide attempt in early January.

Levy made the controversial statement during a live recording he posted on his page at in response to a question from an online listener.

“Did Howard fire Artie? No. They just killed him. There’s a difference there. You know what I mean? He should have been in rehab a year ago, but I’m not even gonna talk about that, but it’s sad. It’s really sad. He shoulda been off the show a year ago, gettin’ help. If it’s funny to watch someone fall apart and become a f—ing junky? Then, to me? I’d rather watch TV. I’d rather watch ‘The View’ than listen to bulls–t.”

Wednesday, Levy posted a message announcing his resignation from his regular Sunday night gig at ‘The Miserable Men Show’ which airs weekly on Howard Stern’s secondary Sirius XM channel, Howard 101. Levy stated he was resigning because courtesy plugs for his stand-up performances had been pulled from the main Howard Stern Show, and because of a reportedly miserable ‘Miserable Men’ salary.

Levy made the following post on his Facebook page Wednesday:

BREAKING NEWS FROM BOB LEVY: Bob Levy. after alot of thought over the last few weeks ive decided to resign from the miserable men there has been alot of stuff since my plugs being pulled for no reason and other thing that made me decide its not worth it for me i wish the others well and find someone to take my spot but i,d rather be home with my family on sunday then running from a airport to the studio for no money.