Bubba’s new BRN Studios

Bubba’s previous studio had everything needed for a shock radio host — a green room complete with shower, a stripper pole, even a fight area known as the Bubbagon.

But that wasn’t enough.

Bubba needed something bigger, more secure. Something with a trout pond. On Feb. 26, Majec Realty Holdings LLC of Clearwater closed the sale of its 5021 W. Nassau St. location to BRN Studios LLC for $605,000, and the creation of the new BTLS studio began.

“They are setting up in bigger space, but they will have more amenities built to accommodate guests,” said Elise Brown of Drummer PR LLC in Trenton, N.J., Bubba’s publicist. “This new site will have offices, green screen rooms, and audio and video production bays in separate studios where they can do voiceovers and production work.”

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