Buzz Aldrin on The Howard Stern Show (Astronaut)

Howard said that they have a real man coming in next. Howard said that the guy should be celebrated and saluted. Howard said the guy is a brave man and no pussy. It was Buzz Aldrin. Howard said Buzz is the second man to walk on the moon. Howard said this man is a real hero.

Howard told Buzz he loves him. Buzz thanked him for that. He asked Howard if they were going to have an affair. Howard said he doesn’t go that way but he is a hero to him. Howard asked how old he was when he went to the moon. Buzz said he was 39. Robin asked what he was thinking. Howard said he doesn’t even have the balls to fly out to California.

Buzz told Howard that his father was an aviation pioneer and the people he associated with were aviation pioneers so he grew up hearing about all of these people. Buzz said he had his first ride in 1932 when he was just 2 years old. Buzz went over some of the time he spent in the service where he got to fly around North Korea. He said he was shooting a .50 caliber and took down two of the enemy planes.

Howard asked Buzz how you get over fear in your life. Buzz said you suppress it. He told Howard that it can be paralyzing emotion and you have to be open minded and very alert.

Buzz saw Robin and gave her the thumbs up. He asked who the big headed guy was on her desk being lifted up by balloons. It was an Eric the Midget statue on her desk.

Howard said Buzz’s father lobbied NASA to get his son on the moon. Buzz said that they wanted someone who wasn’t in the military but Neil (Armstrong) was a military guy. Buzz said his father didn’t understand the rocket business. He said that he thought they could rescue someone on the noon with another rocket and you just can’t do that.

Howard asked Buzz if he felt disappointment that he wasn’t the first. Buzz said his father didn’t understand the background so he shouldn’t have been in the offices having the conversations. Buzz said that when Kennedy said that they were going to go to the moon he said that they wanted to just land a man there and get him back safely. Kennedy never thought about stepping foot on the moon. Buzz gave Howard some history about all of that stuff.

Howard asked Buzz if he knows what a hero he is. He said that no one knew if they were going to make it back or not. Buzz said anything that goes up must come down. Howard said when he went up there it was a good chance he wasn’t going to make it back. Buzz said that Chuck Yeager was a little resentful because the air force wouldn’t allow him to announce that he had broken the sound barrier. He said that they wanted an air force person to do that. He ran down the history of Chuck and what he did. He said that he got away with all sorts of things when he was testing. Buzz said he went horse back riding the day before he was going to fly supersonic and broke a rib doing that. He said he wasn’t even able to close the hatch himself. He said that’s not professionalism when you fly like that.

Buzz said that going up in a can and coming back in a can wasn’t something to be admired at the time. Buzz said that they had done that in Russia so that expedited their program there. Buzz told Howard about the experiments that they were doing during all of this. He said that they had to pick a person to walk on the moon and it was always the junior person on the flight. Buzz aid that they could have had two people go outside but the training was so heavy on the commander that it was the junior person on the flight.

Buzz said they had a dilemma about the whole thing and no one wanted to make a decision on it. He said that he went to the head of the Apollo program office and told them to make a decision and stick to it. Buzz said he was assigned to Apollo 11 and he really didn’t want to go around the world to do the press tour. He said he just wanted to do his job.

Howard asked where Neil Armstrong is these days. Buzz said he just saw him last night. Howard said he should be proud of what he does and get out there in the public eye.

Howard asked if Buzz was confident in what NASA was doing. Buzz said that he was. He said that when they started this program they really didn’t know how to get to the moon. Howard said he must have been nervous about the whole thing. Buzz said they could have turned around and come back at many times during the mission. He said they figured that it was about a 60 percent chance that they’d land successfully. He said if they weren’t able to land they would have had a good chance of making it back safely. Buzz said they spent 80 percent of their time training for emergency procedures.

Buzz told Howard what he was doing before he got into this program. He said that during the cold war he was being trained how to drop nuclear weapons on Russia and Poland. Howard asked if he still flies. Buzz said that’s a long story. He said he wanted to play golf when he got more time and he couldn’t see wasting 5 hours in a day doing that. Buzz said there are no fighter pilots living in Beverly Hills. Howard asked if that’s where he lives now. He said he lives on the fringes of that area.

Howard asked how he can afford to live out there. Buzz said he lost half of his retirement pay when he got divorced. That led to Buzz talking about how his mother had committed suicide the year before he went to the moon. He said that she may have done that because she didn’t want to deal with the publicity around the flight to the moon. He said he wrote about this in his book ”Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon.”

Buzz told Howard about some parties they used to have back in the day. He said that they had a Maryann party that was something like a toga party. Howard said he must have gotten laid like crazy. Howard asked how old he was when he got married. Buzz said he was almost 25. Howard asked if he got a lot of chicks. Buzz said it wasn’t a ton. Buzz didn’t have an age for his first time. Buzz said that he had ”partial” sex at some point when he was young. Buzz said he wasn’t that into girls and his mother wanted him to work hard in high school. He said she also made him take dancing lessons. Buzz said that subject came up when he was asked to be part of Dancing with the Stars.

Howard asked how Pam Anderson looked. Buzz said she looked pretty good. Howard said that chick Nicole was hot. Buzz said she was very good looking. Howard said that had to get his juices flowing. Buzz said that it was one of the appreciates sidelines in being part of that show.

Howard asked Buzz if he still wants to have sex at 80. Buzz said of course he does. Howard asked dif he takes Viagra. Buzz said that he has the pills.

Buzz told Howard that they have had 24 men on the moon and they have written to the president asking him to get someone to Mars. Buzz said that they didn’t have anything on the moon and that’s why he called it ”Magnificent Desolation” in his book title.

Howard asked Buzz about the smell of the moon. Buzz said that they claim that it would burst into flames if they exposed the moon dust to oxygen. He said they did that and nothing happened. Buzz said that Neil had scooped up some of it and brought it into the capsule and nothing happened.

Howard said that they should blow up the moon. He said it would fix a lot of things like women’s monthly cycles. Buzz told Howard that there was a book written by Isaac Asmimov about why the moon is where it is and why it’s there. He said they came up with a theory that a large object early in the formation of Earth, maybe the size of Mars, hit the Earth and caused stuff to splash off and create the moon. Buzz said that they don’t think it was captured or spun off form something else.

Howard asked why they have to go to Mars. Buzz said there are quite a few reasons. One of them is to search for life. Howard said Buzz doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s fun but there is no life out there. Howard said there is only life here. Buzz asked how he knows that. Howard said there is nothing out there. Buzz said they have their galaxy and it’s 100,000 light years in size. He said we have no idea what else is out there. Robin asked why this accident would only happen once. Buzz said that it was a quirk of nature that was created by some higher being.

Howard asked Buzz if he has ever had any famous women. Howard said he knows he was with Gina Lollobrigida. Buzz said he must have read his book. Buzz said that hey are very good friends. Howard said she was a bombshell back in the day.

Buzz talked about how he got to know Gina after going out on his tour of the world. He said that she gave them a party before they went to the moon. Howard asked if there was instant chemistry with them. Buzz wasn’t saying much about that.

Howard asked Buzz about the woman he was dancing with on Dancing with the Stars. He asked if he got aroused with her. Buzz said that her family are very devoted Mormons. He said that she’s got two young boys and she met some cute guy and got married.

Howard asked Buzz how much he made doing that show. Buzz said he doesn’t even know, his step-daughter negotiates all of that stuff.

Howard said Buzz has an app out for the iPhone. Howard asked what it is. Buzz explained what an app is first. He told Howard about what the app does and demonstrated it to him on his phone. It sounded like it was to follow what Buzz does or like it was just his web site put into an app.

Howard said Buzz did it all. He said he’s a hero. Buzz was asking about something he had to drink but Howard had no idea what it was. Howard asked him about his alcoholism. Buzz said he’s been sober for 31 years. He said it wasn’t easy. Buzz said they asked him to have a psychiatric exam every year to keep his pilots license. Buzz said he wasn’t interested in that.

Howard asked Buzz if he still has a relationship with NASA. Buzz said he does. He said that Richard Branson shouldn’t be calling his people ”astronauts.” He said that’s reserved for the NASA Astronauts. Buzz said that what Branson is doing isn’t really going into space. He said they’re going up to the edge of space but not into space.

Howard asked Buzz if he ever wants to fly the planes when he’s up there. Buzz said he will go up and say hi to the crew and he would like to sit in the cockpit but they frown on that since 9/11. Buzz said he’s going to be signing a deal to work for Jet Suite. He said he’ll be consulting with those people. Buzz told Howard about how he got to land a plane and he had no problem doing that.

Howard gave Buzz some plugs for his book ”Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon” and then told him that the can he was holding was some kind of fake vagina toy. He gave him some plugs for his iPhone app too.

Howard was wrapping up with Buzz and Buzz noticed the Wheel of Sex behind him. He saw Richard’s name on there so he asked who he was. Howard said that Richard is just some freak who works for him.

Howard asked Buzz about this Kate Gosslin on Dancing with the Stars. He asked why she looks so angry all the time. Buzz said he thinks that she’s internalizing things and that’s why she looks so angry on the show. He said he didn’t have a problem with her. He said that he did like that Nicole on the show though. He said he likes Evan too and he had met him even before they did the show together.

Howard asked Buzz if he’s a republican. Buzz said he’s not. He said he’s very supportive of President Obama right now. He said he likes that he’s talking about going into space and he wants to help advice them on that kind of thing.

Howard found out that Buzz had voted for McCain. Howard said he couldn’t have liked Sarah Palin. Buzz said he thought she was a breath of fresh air. He said that she could be taught a few things though. Howard added ”just like Gina was.”

Howard told Buzz he’s a real American and if he wasn’t such a pussy he’d go up to the moon too. Robin asked what’s going to happen with NASA now that the shuttle is being retired. Buzz said they could stretch the shuttle out for a few more years by knocking it down to one flight a year. Buzz said they have some other solutions but it’s going to irritate people. He said that they wanted to go to the moon with two rockets but they really only need one.

Howard gave Buzz some more plugs and was about to wrap up with him. Buzz told Howard that he has 830,000 followers on Twitter. He also said he did a rap song with Snoop Dogg and someone else. Howard said he had the song so he played some of that.