Howard Stern thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner

Howard Stern praised Caitlyn Jenner for publicly transitioning from male to female, calling it “courageous” and “brave,” but said most Americans feel she’s a “freak.”

Caitlyn Jenner Howard Stern WCQJ“According to what I read, he’s worth about $100 million as Bruce Jenner,” said Stern, adding with the old male pronoun, “He’s got kids, a wife… He’s an American hero. He’s on the cover of a Wheaties box – and he wants to be a woman.”

Stern then noted that a lot of people he’s come across said the former Olympic athlete was a “freak” or “should be dead” for transitioning to female. “Whatever’s going inside of his [head] to come out in front of the world and say look, ‘F*ck it, I’m a 65-year-old guy. I want to be a woman. I know most of the world is going to hate me and laugh at me’”… most of the Americans that I speak to, that I hear from, and that you meet on the street, think he’s a freak, he should be dead.”

The radio show host also said it must have been “difficult” for Jenner to go through her transition so publicly, but thinks it was the “courageous” thing to do.

“I don’t think I would be able to do something like that,” said Stern, adding, “[Jenner] is brave.” Listen to Howard Stern’s comments around the 30 minute mark, and tell us what you think.