Interview with Artie Lange on Drugs, Stand Up and Stern

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EXPRESS: For those who haven’t read your book, can you tell us how you got hooked on heroin after kicking coke?
» LANGE: I fell into it on the road one day, as I documented in my book. A comedy club manager in a certain city, I told [him] I was taking a lot of pain killers to deal with the shitty plane rides and hotels, and somehow getting back to work on Monday morning at 6 [a.m.] — which every comic I worked with on the road told me they didn’t know how I did that. I dunno how I’ve done it either; I’ve done it for almost a decade. The guy got me in touch with a dealer for heroin because it was cheaper. And the name of the chapter of the book — the guy actually said this — “Do heroin, it’s better for your liver.” I was popping 50 Vicodin a day, so in his own way he probably had a point.

» EXPRESS: How long have you been clean now?
» LANGE: I hired two off-duty New York City cops who specialize in this to get me off heroin once and all. As of April [2009] I’ve been clean from heroin; haven’t touched it. I lost 50 pounds right away — being on Subutex, this opiate blocker [to quell heroin cravings], helps you gain a lot of weight. I’ve always been heavy, but never near 300. … Anyway, I got off the Subutex, lost the weight, got healthier, [but] I still have bouts with depression.

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Show In The Hallway Episode 3 (S1)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

Even though the Stern Show hallway is where Show in the Hallway is based, the story actually travels all over New York City. This particular episode was filmed on location at the world famous Caroline’s Comedy Club. As always, we had many scenes to shoot and a limited amount of time to shoot them, but there was another detail that made this shoot’s success even more important: Howard’s wife Beth Stern was scheduled to appear in three scenes.

Beth came in with a great attitude and no ego whatsoever. I suggested she stay in her own private dressing room, yet she declined and waited with all the extras. When on camera, she looked great and did an amazing job. She even got a little payback on Sal for all the jokes he’s made about her in the past, but again, not worth reading, it’s worth seeing.

The shoot at Caroline’s was complicated by a large number of extras. More people mean more mouths to feed and, more often than not, more problems as well. Luckily, the extras on this particular day were great and even though they didn’t get paid, they did a tremendous job. We later found out one extra was a total super fan because when he saw Sal he was star struck. “I can’t believe I’m standing next to THE Sal the Stockbroker”, he said. He was also impressed with Beth to say the least and said “Wow, Beth. That’s probably as close as I’m ever going to come to meeting Howard.”

Another fun scene worth mentioning takes place at Sirius and features actressMia Andersonand the tiny bodyguardRonnie Mund. In the scene, Mia had to act head over heels for Ronnie! Obviously, this proves that Mia is a phenomenal actress.
This was the last episode of season one, but don’t worry, season two is coming soon. I want to thank everyone involved in the project; from the cast, to the crew, to everyone at Howard TV.

See you next season!