Little Lupe rides the Sybian with Dave Lambert

Yes, the day had finally arrived, Little Lupe Fuentes was finally going to ride the Sybian machine with its inventor, Dave Lambert. The big event was originally scheduled last September, but the 80-year-old Lambert fell off a horse and injured himself, so he could not participate.

When the odd pair entered the studio, Lupe seemed very reluctant to get on the machine because Dave said he needed to hold her during the ride. She thought Dave would try to have sex with her during the ride. She seemed to calm down a bit when Dave told her that little Dave did not work anymore and that his role on the Sybian with her was strictly platonic.

Finally, the two mounted the Sybian and Lupe immediately started to freak out screaming “this is so weird” when Dave held her. She was calmed down with some coaching by Howard Stern. Once again Dave coached her during the whole ride repeatedly with “that’s a girls.” It was just as creepy as the Dave’s on the Sybian with adult film star Raven Alexis.

Lupe said she had a good time and then they tried a second run on the machine. After a few giggles, Lupe got right back into it for an encore. Needing very little goading, they tried a third time which was not a problem for Lupe.

Also making its first appearance was Dave’s infamous line “get the poison out”, which Lupe said made her uncomfortable, so he did not say it prior.