Artie talks about dui case

Artie told the crew about pleading guilty to DUI charges over the weekend, explaining that he’d taken two prescribed sleeping pills the night before and may have been experiencing what the court called, “the rebound effect” of the medication. Artie said he’d taken the pills as prescribed by his doctor and could have won the case if he wanted to go through with the trial, but he didn’t want to put his family through that – or pay the lawyer’s fees.

Artie Lange Pleads Guilty to DUI charge

Artie Lange cartoon

Artie Lange just pled guilty to one count driving under the influence of a habit-producing drug.

Cops say Artie — who was pulled over in Tom’s River, NJ on July 10 — had a prescribed sleeping pill in his system when he got behind the wheel.

Lange was fined $664, his driver’s license was revoked for seven months and he has to serve 12 hours in an intoxicated driver resource program.

Lange’s lawyer, MIchael Grasso, says Artie pled guilty because “If we would have taken it to trial the interest of the media would have outweighed the best interests of my client.”

Grasso also said the prosecution planned to call more than 10 witnesses and he would have had to counter that with a dozen witnesses of his own — so the plea just made sense.