Howard Stern on Ellen DeGeneres boycott

Button-pushing radio personality and upcoming cohost of America’s Got Talent Howard Stern, used One Million Moms threat to boycott JCPenney over its hiring of Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson, as a springboard for a 12-minute mini tirade on his Sirius XM radio show about social conservatives’ outdated and harmful stance toward LGBT rights.

Stern began his stump for equality saying that while he’s not a huge DeGeneres fan himself, he would stop at nothing to defend her as the JCPenney spokesperson. He went on to discuss David Letterman’s decidedly unfunny joke about Rosie O’Donnell that played on her being “fat and a lesbian,” all but calling what Letterman said bullying.

Calling antigay stances ridiculous and outmoded Stern demanded to know who, in this day and age, doesn’t personally have a friend or family member who is gay.

From there, Stern and cohost Robin Quivers discussed bullying, inspiring Stern to call antigay Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum and former hopeful Michele Bachmann, “the worst people on the planet,” for spewing hate that feeds bullying and therefore lending to LGBT suicide.

“They make these kids so miserable they’re killing themselves,” Stern remarked. He went on to say that Santorum should be drummed out of the country and treated publicly derided as the lunatics they are.