Scott’s Intern hits on Robin

Howard had Jon Leiberman come in with his news preview. Jon said they have breaking news about Scott the Engineer. He said that Scott may be playing his son’s band’s music from inside his studio so people will ask what band it is. Scott has an intern by the name of Raphia, or Fiah, and she was on the intern show talking about how this weird music would be on in Scott’s studio.

Jon said that Scott is very upset about this whole thing. Gary said that Scott hasn’t gotten along with his last 3 or 4 interns. Howard said the interns are there to observe and help out a little bit. He said he thinks Scott wants them to do his job. Jon said that Scott’s son was very angry and he said that the intern shouldn’t worry about Scott’s music and she should just get Scott’s coffee like she’s supposed to.

Howard played the audio of Fiah talking about Scott’s music on the intern show. Howard said he wanted to talk to Fiah about this. Howard had her and Scott come in. Howard said he doesn’t want Fiah to have an uncomfortable thing with Scott. Fiah said that she’s trying to step into Scott’s shoes for a second. He said that it was probably the personal attack on his son’s music that got to him. Howard told Fiah that she didn’t do anything wrong. Fiah said that he asked about the music but Scott didn’t answer him about it so he should have known it was something he shouldn’t ask about. Jon said that Fiah was forced to apologize too. Fiah said he wasn’t forced. He said she did apologize though.

Howard asked Scott what’s going on. Scott said he didn’t force her to apologize. Scott said he’s not going to get into it with Fiah but he has a problem with Steve Brandano. Howard said she did hear his son’s music being played. Howard asked if it was his son’s music. Scott said that he told her not to worry about the music that’s playing in there. He said it could be music he’s pulling for Fred.

Steve Brandano came in and said that he assumes that it’s his son’s music if he doesn’t say what it is. Scott said he hasn’t played his son’s music in there in 3 years. He said that Fiah didn’t know what music it was he was playing in there. She assumed what it was. Scott said he told her she didn’t have to worry about it.

Howard asked Scott if this is secret music. Scott said that it’s not but people have a problem with the music he listens to in there. Fiah said she didn’t even assume what it was. Howard asked if Fiah is uncomfortable going on the intern show now that this has happened. Howard said that she was right about whose music it was and he has no reason to be so upset.

Steve Brandano said that this is making her feel bad and that’s not right. Scott said that she ripped his son’s music and that’s not right. Howard said she didn’t like the music and that’s fine. Scott said he’s not saying anything to anybody so he’s not sure why this is such a big deal.

Fiah said that Scott didn’t say anything to her but it was uncomfortable in there. Scott said he was uncomfortable too. He said that he doesn’t play his son’s music for anyone. He said he doesn’t play it 24/7 in there like people think he does either. He said he didn’t want anyone to hear it. He said it was 4:30 in the morning when he played it. He said he works on a lot of music for the show and he doesn’t crank it.

Howard asked why Scott needs an intern anyway. Scott said he has a lot of stuff that he needs done. Fiah said she hits record on a CD player and things like that. It’s just stuff that Scott is too busy to do. Howard laughed when he heard she hits a record button. Howard said that Scott has better things to do than hit a record button. Fiah said she’s learned a lot from Scott. She said this is the only thing that’s happened between them that was volatile. She said that she’s sorry this all happened. She said she shouldn’t have made the comment.

Howard asked Fiah to report back to him if she hears Scott playing that music again. Scott said that she won’t know when he’s playing that music.

Howard asked Fiah about her name and if that’s the right way to say it. She said that’s right. She said that her mother was Nation of Islam. Howard said his mother was too. That’s why she kept him in a black neighborhood. Fiah told Howard that she’s a big, black lesbian. Howard said she has a crush on Robin too. Fiah said Robin is a very attractive woman. She said that she’s not sure how nothing has happened between Howard and Robin. Howard said maybe something has. Fiah said that she’s just assuming once again.

Howard asked Fia if she was going to buy Robin a Valentine’s day gift. Fia said she did think about it. She said that she might get her some vegan chocolates or something like that. Howard said Robin always has admirers. Robin said she wishes that Scott would stop making his interns uncomfortable.

Howard asked Fiah if she could turn Robin if she gave her an hour. Fiah said she wouldn’t even need the full hour. she’d just need 15-20 minutes. Howard asked if she has a girlfriend. Fiah said she doesn’t at the moment. Howard asked Robin if she’d try it. Robin said she will not. Howard asked if she’s turned any straight women. Fiah said she has. Howard said that she’s hurting Fiah’s feelings and she should let her try at least.

Robin said she was getting uncomfortable. Jon said that Fiah hasn’t taken her eyes off of Robin the whole time. He said he was going to back up.

Howard asked how you turn a woman. Fiah said that you can feel the vibe. She said that she’s not sure if Robin has that vibe. She said she sees Robin for 10 seconds a day and that’s it. She’s not sure if she has that vibe. Howard said he can turn a woman against him in 15-20 minutes. He said he can’t turn them on.

Howard asked Fiah what she would do to Robin. Fiah told Howard some of the stuff she’d do and how she’d turn Robin. Fred played some audio of Robin making sex sounds and then played Roger Alan Wade’s ”Sweet Poon Tang” song as they were talking about that.

Howard said maybe they can make that happen. He told Robin not to pass anything up and take love any way she can get it. Howard asked Fiah if she’s gold star. She said she’s not. She has been with dudes. She said she’s more like a bronze star lesbian. Howard asked Fiah if she’s had only bad experiences. Fiah said that she has had some good ones. She said that anyone can make you cum.

Howard let Fiah go after that. Howard said Robin is a temptress. Robin said that was a surprise. Jon said that’s breaking news right there. Howard said he feels like everyone is into Robin in some way. He said it’s every minute with her. She walks around teasing everyone. Howard said she’s magic. Sweet, sweet magic. Howard said that’s a great compliment when someone says they’re into you like that.

Jon got to some more news and said that Lisa G has a ”R.I.P.” not on a picture of Benjy. Howard said he hard a report about Lisa and how Dr. Drew was saying that this isn’t about Benjy. Jon said that Drew has been following this very closely. He said that Drew was applauding Lisa for voicing her opinion about this whole thing. Howard said Drew had an explanation for what she’s doing. Jon said that it’s not about her being in love but she’s protecting him as a friend. Howard said he doesn’t give a fuck about Benjy and he’s not going to protect him.

Benjy said that Drew met Lisa in person and he said that she actually is in love with him. Jon said he was about to say that. He said that Drew thinks that Lisa has some kind of emotional attachment to him. Jon said that she may not be in love with him but she does have an emotional attachment to him. Howard said he never would have thought she’d be into Benjy. Jon said that they have the photo that they could tweet out. He said she’s very attached to Benjy. Howard said he had no idea she was that into Benjy. He asked Benjy if he was complimented. Benjy said he is in a way but he doesn’t like what she’s said about his girlfriend.

Jon said he wishes that they had a live feed from inside Scott’s studio. He said he’d like to know what’s going on in there. Robin said she had no idea that Fia was that into her.

Jon said Lisa thinks that Benjy has changed and that’s what the ”R.I.P.” note is about. Benjy said he’s not going to be nice to someone who is saying such mean things about his girlfriend. Howard said he has been throwing off some bad vibes to people lately. He said he was doing that at the Christmas party. Howard said he wanted to talk to Lisa about this.

Lisa came in and said that she’s not in love with Benjy. She said that he’s completely changed. Howard said that she’s way into this. Lisa said she took the ”RIP” down. She said that Benjy has changed because he was so obsessed with the whole Elisa thing. She sad that he’s completely changed. She said that he never talks to them anymore and he never takes his hat off anymore. She said that she saw Benjy take his hat off and Elisa telling him to put it back on. Benjy said he has the hat off 90 percent of the time he’s at home. Benjy said all he did was grow a beard. Lisa said that he’s wearing platform sneakers and he’s got the beard and all of this.

Howard said Lisa is telling Benjy how he changed and he’s not listening. Benjy said he’s doing what he wants. He said he likes being this person. Howard said he thinks Lisa is obsessed with him. Lisa said she’s not. Howard said he thinks that if Benjy said he was in love with her then she’d go out with him. Lisa said she thinks of him as a friend. She said that if this ends she won’t tell him ”I told you so.” She said that she was taken off the story because she was so close to this.

Lisa said that Benjy has changed. Benjy said the only reason he stopped talking to her after she said mean things about his girlfriend. Lisa said it was happening before that. She said all she said was that he was trying to be a hero to this girl. Benjy said she said that he was being a hero for her non-career. Benjy tried talking to her but Howard cut him off so he could get out of that.

Jon said that they talk about this in the news room as soon as they get there. Jon said it starts right up at 5:20am. Howard said he wants to get back to Robin and Fiah. Robin said there is no her and Fiah.

Jon said they have a story about Bobo getting an old piece of foam from the old studio. He said they’re trying to find out who gave it to Bobo but Bobo isn’t giving up his sources.

Jon said that Scott is going to be bowling later this month and he will have to miss a block party gig if he gets into the finals. Jon said that’s pissing off some of the guys in the Block Party shows. Jon said that they’re upset with Scott because they have to go to Toronto and Scott doesn’t have a passport or enhanced license. He said Scott is unwilling to pay for either.

Howard said Jon is very in touch with what’s going on there. They had to go to break after that.