Floyd Mayweather on the Howard Stern Show (Interview & Recap)

The number one boxer of our time – or as he says -T.B.E. (The Best Ever) – Floyd Mayweather Jr. stopped by the Howard Stern Show to talk about the life of a fighter.

Now that Floyd is so successful, he doesn’t shy away from living the good life. He has a G-IV private jet, has bet north of $1 million on a single game, and loves the ladies.

He does have steady girlfriend – who goes by Miss Jackson – but he alluded to the fact they do bring other ladies into the bedroom. In fact, he admitted to being with four women at the same time, and found it overwhelming.

Floyd enjoys going to strip clubs – sometimes getting paid hundreds of thousands to make appearances, but he mostly likes to heckle the girls and eat the food.

At Floyd’s next fight, which will be in May of next year (he only fights in May and September) he hopes to walk out to the ring with Miley Cyrus. And at the fight after that, he’s considering everyone’s favorite person: our own Beetlejuice.